Mrs Arud, known to her friends as Sophie, is a beautiful 40-year-old woman. Her husband left her a few years ago with a ‘young pussy’, as she once described it. The divorce had brought her a lot of money, and she was able to keep the house with the swimming pool in the woods near Oslo. I did the painting, the gardening and cleaned her pool twice a year.

I was twenty-eight years old. We had been out together a few times, but we never got beyond a kiss to say hello and at the end of the evening. When she went on holiday, I used to stay at her house for a few weeks as a kind of house sitter. Curious, I walked through the house and discovered that she had locked her bedroom. Her hot daughter Catherine’s bedroom was also locked.

It was mid-August and mother and daughter were due to return from Cannes at the end of the week. I had some painting to do and decided to finish it that Thursday. I went into the house and got my painting equipment. When I got upstairs, I opened the landing window and started taping the windows. I looked out over the pool and noticed the open parasol. I had folded it down before I left last Tuesday, hadn’t I? Well… finish my chores first and then I could go swimming again. Since no one was around anyway, I just did that, deliciously naked.

As I was making my first brushstrokes along the wood, I suddenly saw Catherine walking! I was startled, I had neither expected her nor seen that she was already home! I enjoyed the sight, a beautiful young girl in bikini bottoms and a top, a real hot daughter. She put something on the small table and disappeared under the parasol. What should I do? Report that I had been there, or just finish my work and say hello? In the heat of the moment, I decided to finish the painting. As I moved the brush back and forth, I saw the beautiful girl again in my mind. Long legs, firm ass and waving dark hair. She was a dream woman, young and beautiful with a firm figure. She studied theology. Pretty funny, juxtaposing the study with the beautiful girl in her exciting bikini.

I hadn’t seen her for at least two years, she was studying in Bergen and only spent weekends with her mother. I wasn’t there. She was a shy girl that I knew from those days. After I had finished the first window frame, I moved to the study. This gave me a better view of the girl under the parasol.

The hot daughter was a shy girl.

She was lying on the cot, munching on toast with strawberries and sipping a glass of wine. Yes, really a beautiful, fresh-faced girl. She had a tablet on the small table and was flicking it around a bit. Catherine leaned back and looked at the screen. She seemed to be sleeping a little at times. In the distance, I could vaguely hear the sounds of what she was watching. Moans… She had one hand on her breasts and the other on her crotch, caressing the fabric of her panties… Could she be watching a sex film? She shifted slightly and looked at the house. I decided to wave to let her know I was there. She was startled and sat up straight, folding the tablet. I put my brush down and went downstairs to greet her. It was quite awkward.

Catherine reacted somewhat angrily to my presence; she had not expected me to be there. “I wasn’t expecting you either…” I replied. She explained that she had returned earlier because Mum, as she called her mother, had gone out on his sailing yacht with a German “friend”. I offered her another glass of wine and asked how the holiday had been. “Give me another glass of wine and have one yourself. Then I’ll tell you all about it.” Catherine said. I got the drinks and she was now sitting on the couch with her legs spread.

She took a sip of wine and told me about the holiday and how her mother was soon to meet up with this ‘friend’, how she had felt like the third wheel on the car and when Sophie had offered to adjust her ticket, so she could go home, she had accepted. “I’m disappointed in my mother. I didn’t expect her to offer herself as a mattress so soon… The first night on his yacht, I hear the fuck her!” I choked on my beer. It got worse when she asked. “Did you and Mum have sex? Was she that easy with you?”

I almost choked on my beer and threw up the last swallow. “No, we didn’t! We went out a few times, to dinner, the cinema and the theatre, but I never kissed her or had sex with her.” I explained. “Why don’t you like her, or is she too old for you?” she said cheekily, “Your mother is an attractive and sweet woman. She is older than me, but… ” I didn’t finish the answer because I didn’t know how. “I got calculatedly horny from the fuck noises in the other cabin.” She jumped right in with her next question, as if she had discovered a weakness. “Do you have a wife or girlfriend?” I nodded no. My mouth fell open when she asked, “Do you masturbate? I fingered myself as I heard my mother and the German making out… I always make a lot of noise when I come, but you can’t do that on a yacht like this.” I swallowed and looked at her. “Why that question. I don’t think you should be asking me that.” She looked at me boldly and took another sip of wine. The questions in my head were many… How old was she again? Why was she asking me all these questions?

Her mom was hot, but her daughter must more.

“Well, if you don’t tell me, I’ll tell you. Sometimes I masturbate a few times a day. We have been told that it is normal to masturbate and that it is nothing to be ashamed of. My friend says that men masturbate more often than women finger themselves. That sounds like a lot. She said, wiggling her legs, and my eyes shot down to the crotch of her bikini bottom. “I think we should stop talking about sex. Can’t you think of something else to talk about?” My comment was ignored. “I always masturbate as soon as I get home from university and sometimes just before I go to sleep or in the morning when I wake up. I have to do it now or I’ll get really cranky.” She squeezed her one breast. “You know… I’m still a virgin. I’ve done lots of things with my boyfriends, but I haven’t had sex yet. I don’t think it’s appropriate. I’m a decent girl…”

Before I had time to say anything, she slid her hand down her stomach to the crotch of her panties. Catherine stroked the smooth material between her legs. Her labia were visible in the light fabric. What the hell did she want from me? I didn’t expect her to open her legs any further… but she did. She put one foot on the couch and looked at me boldly. For a moment, she rocked her pelvis and slid her knickers down. Her mound was bare. She spread her legs. What I saw was a beautiful bare pussy.

She stroked her mound gently and opened her labia. “Sometimes I play with myself and let my boyfriend watch. Then he can’t do anything. Not with me and not with himself.” What a bitch! I thought to myself. Between her shiny labia, I saw her clit and thought to myself… So there has never been a cock in there before! “Catherine stop right now, you can’t do that, you shouldn’t do that, your mother would forbid you if she knew I was sitting here. Stop NOW. NOW”

“I’m leaving for Cannes on a sailing yacht. My boyfriend is with his mates in Marbella… and I’m lying here watching fucking horny films and being disturbed by the handyman… I’m just going to do it,” she said firmly. “I’d be very excited if you kept watching. My friend Patty says she has the best orgasms when her stepfather is watching. If you go, I don’t know if it works for me…” I had to shift gears for a moment. I was allowed to watch this girl of nineteen or twenty make herself come… but I had to stay away from myself.

She didn’t wait for my answer, her hand found her pussy and she opened her lips and stroked her clit with her other hand. She was completely absorbed in what she was doing. “Do you want to see my tits?” she moaned suddenly. I managed to suppress a resounding YES. “Go ahead, undo the button on my neck. But don’t touch anything!” She sounded stern. I stood up and realised that my stiff sex was clearly visible in the slightly too tight shorts I was wearing. I stood diagonally in front of her and reached forward to undo the cord around her neck. The way I was standing meant that my body was less than half a metre away from her. The button was undone and I pulled the cups off her breasts. “You’re beautiful…” I stammered. I could feel her warmth and smell the scent of her pussy. “You have great sex.” She said hoarsely as I sat back down.

She seemed to be in no hurry and stopped and started making circular movements so as not to touch her clit. She began to comment on how great it felt, but she liked to postpone her orgasms because they were always much stronger after a long build-up. She commented that she was happy that my cock was stiff because of her masturbation. “Or is it my body that makes you horny?” She rubbed herself ever shorter before announcing each time that she had to stop or she would come. She looked at me. “That’s so delicious… fingering until I’m almost there and then waiting for a while, finding another film and then starting all over again…” As she spoke, I shifted to loosen my cock slightly in the tightness.

“Hands off!” She spoke sternly. One reached for the tablet. “KUT, battery dead.” As my eyes slid down her body, the swelling in my shorts intensified. I could see that her shiny labia were slightly open. Her fingers were moving in and out of her vagina a little. The wet sound was like music to my ears… Her fingers but never a cock? She saw me watching and leaned back so I could see her starlet. There was no hair to be seen and her star was almost as light as her skin colour. The situation drove me mad… A beautiful girl, almost ten years younger, fingering herself and me, the simpleton watching from 2 metres away with the erection of the year! She looked at me. “Stand up…” she ordered. I stood up. “Turn around.” I decided to play along and slowly turned around. As I stood with my back to her, she complimented my bum. “Take your t-shirt off.” Nice tattoo, she said quietly. Turn around. I was so glad I was working out regularly. “Owww. You almost have a six pack.” I had no idea what she wanted… With one hand she was kneading her tits and tugging on her nipples. Her right hand was on her mound and she stuck two fingers inside her vagina.

The situation was driving me mad. “Imagine what it would be like to fuck me? What it would be like to push that cock into my pussy?”

I nodded, YES. “Say it!” she said. I took a breath and explained that I hadn’t had a woman for four months and that she made me horny with what she was doing… “Tell me what you would have done!” I don’t know why I answered that question, but it suited the moment. I told her that I would have caressed her and kissed her. That I would take her breasts in my hands and her nipples between my lips. “You would open my trousers and release my sex.” She looked at me. “I’m not going to do that! You can do it yourself now.” Before I followed her instructions, I told her how I was going to lick her pussy and suck her clit. She looked at me intently and pumped two fingers hard into her vagina. “TEASE!” she moaned softly. “Then do it! Show me your sex!” I undid the button and zip in one swift movement and pulled my boxers down. “All powerful! What a beautiful cock!” she moaned. “Tell me what you would have done…”

I grabbed my cock and in a few slow movements tied the skin over my cock. “Go on then… Tell me what you would have done!” I knelt between her legs and aimed my cock at her pussy. “I would move my glans back and forth between your labia and then gently slide it into your pussy.” She moaned softly. The musky scent of her pussy tantalised my nose. She watched curiously as I gently masturbated. “No one’s ever been this close to a cock before…” her voice sounded. “I’m about to come…” I imagined what she would look like as I slid my cock into her naked pussy. Would she be as horny and confident as she looked now as she continued to masturbate? In my fantasy, she looked even more aroused than she already was.

At this point she was clearly close to orgasm. “I’ll go on until I cum. If you tell me I can cum, I will do so immediately. If you want to come, you can, but you must not touch me, not with your body or your semen!” she sounded stern. “I don’t tell you when to come. If you want to come, that’s your choice.” She looked at me hard and the hand between her legs shot back and forth. Her blush grew more intense. “Jaaaa. Jaaaa…” She took over. “Oh, I can feel you stretching my pussy. You’re so big, so hard, big my little pussy. I’m coming, I’m coming… I’m… ahhhhhh.” Her body bucked and jerked as she came. I had seen many orgasms from women, but this one was spectacular. She lay back on the couch, satisfied and exhausted. I waited for her to recover a little.

I was at the point where my own lust hit me and I realised it wouldn’t take much for me to come. I couldn’t think of anything inappropriate to say and panicked a little. She must have seen my questioning look. “Okay, okay, if you want to come, please show me.” My hand flashed over my sex. “Do you want to see me come?” She nodded yes. “Do it!” My gaze faded, my cock took another step harder and with a roar, jets of cum shot in all directions. I dropped backwards onto the floor.

I needed time to recover. “That was cool.” She said. “My friend Patty is right, that was my best orgasm ever. Next time we’ll really do it together…”

She assured me that it would definitely happen again… Would I really be masturbating with her again? If I did, would I be allowed to touch this hot daughter?

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