I usually have a lot of time to myself in the summer. For the 2nd time in my life, I had the idea to write a story. It became long (maybe fun for the holidays?) and is about half true. The rest is a fantasy that often “helped” me in my youth…. I hope it will be fun for someone else to read. I’d love to hear about it! Photo from another girl next door.

Nice weather…what is that anyway? I guess it depends on who you ask. Some like to bake in the sun, others think 20 degrees is more than enough. Different people have different tastes. Sometimes it is obvious and everyone agrees. This summer was way too hot! Holidays had already started for a week and most of my friends were on vacation. After five days of swimming in the local forest lake, my brother Michiel and I decided to stay home for a day. No air conditioning, but a nice cool house facing north. The temperature stayed at a pleasant 25 ℃. An excellent day to play.

My parents were on vacation, and we were home alone for the first time in our lives. What a responsibility! Today we were going to have a barbecue. We had also brought some snacks for our “men’s day of gaming”. Unfortunately, we had forgotten one important “ingredient”… the beer. My brother had gone back to the supermarket. This gave me the opportunity to clean up my room. My brother Michael and I are very different from each other. Both in appearance and in character. But we get along very well. My name is Peter. I am 1.90 meters tall, but certainly not lanky. This is partly genetic, but has been reinforced by the fact that I like sports a lot. Satisfied, I looked at myself in the mirror. I was wearing only my light blue mid-length swim trunks due to the warm weather, and I could clearly see that I had gotten a lot of sun in the past few days. My broad shoulders, well-developed pecs, and slim waist with visible abs stood out. I was not a bodybuilder, but I had an athletic build. If I hadn’t been so shy around girls, I would have had a girlfriend by now, or at least some experience. “Well, what is not yet can still come,” I thought to myself.

Gradually I began to wonder if my brother had not yet brewed the beer himself. I looked out the window and saw him standing a few houses away. He was talking to Elsie, one of our neighbors. Typical of him. He was much less shy and a real talker. I knew Elsie mostly from the old days when we used to play outside together. She was a sweet girl, but very reserved. We had grown apart during adolescence. We did not go to the same high school and had different groups of friends. Elsie was a bit of an “alto” girl, I could tell by the way she dressed. Other than that, I didn’t really know much about her. I wanted to call my brother, but saw that there was only movement. What surprised me was that Elsie was with him. “He wouldn’t take her with him, would he?” I thought. Hell, I was still walking around in my swim trunks. Well, what do you want in this weather… I didn’t have time to put on another shirt and still thought, “I’ll walk around the beach like this.

As he came up the stairs, Michael called out, “Hey Peter, I just ran into Elsie, and she’s bored to death today. Do you mind if she plays a few games? She says she is quite good at them. “Sure, the more, the merrier,” I said… but in the meantime… I could already see our ‘boys’ afternoon’ going up in smoke.

Elsie walked into my bedroom.

And I had to work really hard not to stare. My mouth almost literally fell open. I had never had such a strong reaction to a girl before. Tingles in my stomach and sparks all over my body. Elsie had medium-length dark hair that fell beautifully down her slender neck. Her beautiful clear blue eyes and questioning gaze gave her a mysterious aura that enchanted me from the first moment. Elsie was dressed in a thin fabric shirt and wore no bra. Her breasts were not overly large, but the shape was perfect in my eyes. Her nipples were just slightly erect and poking through the fabric. She was wearing short terrycloth shorts that were cut low. I could see quite a bit of her lower belly, and that fired my imagination. She had the beautiful figure of a young woman. Her hips put tension on the fabric of her shorts and “popped” out as they left the openings. This allowed you to see all the curves and bulges beautifully. It took all my strength to look away. I barely managed to get a “Hi … nice to have you join the fun.” past my lips and just hoped she hadn’t noticed too much. When I looked back at Elsie’s face, I saw that her eyes were gliding over my bare torso. “She must be thinking,” I thought. She didn’t really dare make eye contact. She was obviously as shy as I was.

My brother and I took our usual positions. We always sat on the floor in front of my bed, nice and close to the screen. I let Elsie know that it was okay for her to sit on my bed. After a brief discussion, we decided to play a well-known “fighting game” where the three of us could play against each other at the same time. It was one of our favorite games and had the added benefit of not having to wait for each other. Elsie was also familiar with the game and had not exaggerated…. In fact, she was able to keep up with us quite well and regularly won a game.

It was very pleasant. We chatted, ate and drank in between, and were regularly in a frenzy after hilarious actions or unexpected comebacks. I really liked Elsie and began to believe in love at first sight. After a while, Elsie became a bit calmer and more quiet. I noticed that she kept doing the same “special moves”. She would throw “fireballs” at the conveyor belt and make her character fly “back and forth” through the picture. At first this technique was quite effective, but my brother and I soon managed to find something wrong with it. I was amazed that she kept trying. Just as I was about to confront her, the bell rang. My brother stopped playing and I ran to the window to see who it was. When I stuck my head out of the window, I saw the cheerful face of Lotte. Lotte was my brother’s girlfriend. She was a “child at home” with us and called upstairs, “Hey Peter, you didn’t think you were going to have a barbecue without me tonight, did you? Open the door”. I looked at my brother and he shrugged his shoulders. “The more souls the merrier, you said, right?”. He jumped up and prepared to go downstairs. “If you sit next to Elsie, I can coach Lotte a little. Not all girls have a talent for it, I’m afraid,” and he winked at Elsie. I was always jealous of Michiel’s smooth talk and spontaneous remarks, and I shrugged my shoulders and walked over to my bed.

Elsie was sitting a little slumped in a cross-legged position with a somewhat heated face. “Probably from the effort,” I thought. She looked at me questioningly as I walked over to the bed. Her eyes slid down my body. A twinkle in her blue eyes told me she liked what she saw. I noticed that this gave me a feeling of pride and, for me, a little self-confidence. I plopped down on the other side of the bed and took another look at this beautiful apparition. Meanwhile, my brother and his girlfriend had already taken their positions. I nodded to my brother that we could continue. “Game on!” said my brother…. And the four of us continued.

Lotte actually joined in for the bacon and beans and really needed a lot of coaching. Elsie had renewed energy and played as strong and creative as she had in the beginning. Elsie and I were winning regularly, and occasionally my brother would do the same when he wasn’t too busy coaching his girlfriend. After a few games, I began to perform less well. I got distracted. After making a stupid mistake, I was soon eliminated in a round. To pass the time until the next round, I let my eyes wander through my half-cluttered room. My gaze lingered on a picture frame. Not because I thought last year’s vacation photo was so special, but because through the reflection of the glass I could see Elsie beautifully and unnoticed. I felt the sparks and butterflies again and enjoyed what I saw. Elsie was concentrating on the game and literally biting her tongue.

She was still sitting in the same position as only a girl can sit. With her legs open and her heels folded almost under her buttocks. My imagination and memory of that first sight completed the image of the reflection. How wonderful those panties must have looked up close… I also had a good view of her beautiful breasts. Her nipples seemed to pierce through the fabric even more clearly. They moved beautifully as Elsie enthusiastically pressed the buttons on her controller. In thought, I slowly pulled up the camisole … and placed my hand on her beautiful thigh … But these thoughts were rudely interrupted.

“Hey Peter! What’s on your mind … are you still with us?” Called my brother. “Maybe he misses his parents,” Lotte joked. “Just be careful, before you know it the roles will be reversed again,” I said. I managed to get the attention back on the game and actually put my money where my mouth was.

After a while I noticed that Elsie’s game was changing again. She was again throwing “fireballs” at a stretch and making a motion where her doll was flying back and forth through the picture. Curious, I looked at the frame. What I saw next was beyond any horny fantasy I had.

Elsie was still sitting on my bed in exactly the same way. But where before there had been the blue fabric of her shorts, in which I tried to make out the outline of her labia, now I could clearly see the right handle of her controller. She was moving it slowly back and forth across the fabric of her shorts, using her fingers to make the movements necessary for the “special moves”. Her eyes were not on the TV … she was clearly looking at me. The magical look of her blue “magic eyes” was complemented by lust and she gently bit her lip. The feelings of falling in love at first sight returned, but this time they were joined by a new feeling of enormous horniness for me. My heart was racing like crazy in my chest, and with each beat I could feel the blood rushing to my penis. After four strokes I had a full erection … after three more strokes it was harder than ever. I sat up and leaned forward a little more to try and cover it up. Pretty tricky with only my swim trunks on. My erect penis was a good 17 to 18 centimeters and when fully erect my foreskin only partially covered my glans.

Out of reflex, I slowly turned my head to face Elsie; I just had to see if this was really happening. The tension made it feel like everything was happening in “slow motion,” like I was moving underwater. By the time I could see her in real life, she had stopped and was pretending to play concentrated games. I now knew where her heated face was coming from.

I was sure I had seen it right and my horny mind was spinning at full speed. Our new controllers had a solid vibration feature. This feature was activated when you were hit, for example, to add an extra dimension to the game, as well as with certain movements. The vibrating sensation in her hand must have given her the idea. I was suddenly very aware of the fact that my throbbing, half-buried glans was only about five centimeters away from my vibrating controller.

Under normal circumstances it would never have occurred to me to do this in front of anyone, but these new feelings of infatuation and horniness created a series of mischievous and persuasive “little voices in my head. Voices I couldn’t ignore for long. My brother and Lotte only cared about each other and hardly looked back, if at all. And Elsie… that unbelievably beautiful and horny Elsie, who I could keep an eye on while looking at the picture frame. I could pull my towel over my lap to camouflage things a bit more. And then. Just for a moment… Just to feel what she was feeling… How could anyone tell? I decided to do it and put the towel that was still on my bed from the swim over my lap.

My heart was still in my throat. We were in between games, choosing a new character to fight. I wanted to try out for the next fight. Elsie was on my left side, so I lifted my left leg slightly. I gently pressed the left handle of my controller into place. My glans was now wedged between my thigh and the corner of the handle. I kept an eye on Elsie through the picture frame. At the same time I could see Lotte and Michiel. The thought of the naughty trick I was about to perform made me hornier than ever. In the reflection of the frame, I saw Elsie’s controller slide down through her thigh. The tip of the handle slid along her panties and stopped right at her most sensitive spot. As horny as the idea of watching Elsie play with herself was, I couldn’t use her focus on me. I turned my head towards Elsie, much faster this time, and saw her flinch for a moment. I wished her luck and turned my head again. My little plan had worked. She probably wouldn’t try again this round. Now it was my turn.

Round One…. Fight! rang through my room. Normally the starting signal for a fight, but now was the time for me to give it a try. With my eyes glued to the picture frame, I began to execute the planned ‘special moves’. The first vibration that swept through my glans sent a delicious wave of pleasure through my body. I don’t know if the vibration would be strong enough under normal circumstances, but now, under these circumstances, while looking at the girl of my dreams … I didn’t know if I would make it to the end of the round. As my character kicked back and forth, I felt a delicious vibratory pulse running through my cock again and again. It was so hard and sensitive… Elsie held back this round at first. Through the reflection of the frame, I enjoyed her beautiful body. I fantasized about her pussy and how wet it would be by now … and her gaze.

I wanted to feel more and tried to slide my pole along the controller so that my glans would be completely exposed and slip under the edge of my swim trunks. After three tentative fucking strokes I succeeded and the feeling became even more intense now that the vibration only had to go through the thin fabric of the towel. My eyes moved from between her legs to her face. The moment I looked into her eyes, something suddenly changed in them. As if she was startled and became aware of something. She sat up straight and less than a second later turned her head in my direction. Her face was deathly pale.

I had stopped just in time … it didn’t make a hair’s breadth of difference, but she could never have seen it, could she? My brother shouted, “Do we have two of those ‘ball grubbers’ here? I don’t understand what’s the fun in that… you can’t win like that, can you? And then it hit me. I thought I had thought of everything, but in my horniness I had forgotten that the way I played could give me away. Besides, I felt much too safe when I looked at her reflection in the mirror… Maybe she could see me in it, too? That startled look in her eyes, it was like we had eye contact for a moment. Now it was my turn to feel trapped. With a bright red head, I sat up straight.

“Round two…fight” rang through the room…I didn’t dare look at Elsie and tried to concentrate on the game. Of course, my thoughts were elsewhere. Had she really seen me? I looked at the picture frame and stared directly into Elsie’s blue eyes. Startled, she looked away… Now I knew for sure. She had caught me in the act and could see me as clearly as I had seen her. All sorts of things shot through me. I looked at the picture again and saw clearly that we were doing this at exactly the same time. Then we smiled at the same time. This broke the ice in such a funny way that we both burst out laughing. My brother and Lotte turned and looked at us questioningly. I said, “You will only understand this if you are a member of the Fireball Brigade. We continued to laugh together, and my brother made a gesture as if we had gone crazy.

The next time we looked at each other through the picture frame, we smiled at each other. My God – how beautiful she was. And the next time she looked at me with a sweet and seductive smile. I gathered all my courage and made a kissing gesture with my mouth. It worked. She smiled sweetly at me and then shyly looked away. On our third eye contact, she made the “kissing gesture” and then looked at me questioningly. As if asking for permission. I could only hope that she meant what I thought she meant … and I gave it to her with an affirmative nod of permission. Elsie sank down a little and returned to the dressing table position, I lowered my left leg a little more, wanting her to see a little more as well, and pressed my controller to my half-hard glans that was sticking out from under my towel. Elsie’s blue eyes got even bigger than before and with every move I made I saw her gaze get dreamier and hornier. This was so wonderful and horny to watch that I really had to stop for the last ten seconds of the round to keep myself from coming… Elsie looked at me questioningly and mischievously…. The initial shyness seemed to be gone. This time I didn’t know exactly what she meant, but I had liked the nod last time, so I guessed. Following my gesture, Elsie shifted half a meter and looked at me mischievously, full of desire.

“Round three…fight!” echoed through my bedroom. Elsie did her best to finish as quickly as possible. It took her about 10 seconds, and as soon as she was done, she slowly slid her hand under my towel. Through my thigh she found the edge of my swim trunks. Her hand slipped inside and now completely freed my penis from its plight. I didn’t know what hit me. I felt her soft hand, much smaller than mine, wrap around my hard pole. She began to make small circles at the base of my glans with her thumb . This went very smoothly because it was soaked with pre-cum. She looked at me with her beautiful horny eyes. As if she wanted to see from my gaze what this was doing to me. I had no experience whatsoever, and this quickly became too much for me. I tried to indicate this by pulling my penis away, but Elsie would have none of it.

I felt my strongest orgasm ever coming on.

With less than a minute left on the screen, I felt my strongest orgasm ever coming on ….. From my toes I felt a warm wave moving towards my balls. The first jet of semen that shot out of my glans did so with such force that you could really hear it. The second jet came even harder, if that was possible… The heavenly waves that swept through my body made me forget everything around me for as long as it lasted, and when I was back on earth I saw that there were only ten seconds left on the clock. Elsie had sparkling eyes of lust and pleasure and a smile on her face. She was clearly pleasantly surprised and a bit taken aback by what had just happened. She pulled her hand out from under the towel and looked intently at the moisture on it. She ran a finger through it and brought it to her mouth. With her eyes closed, she tasted my cum and then looked mischievously in my direction. I watched with my mouth open and really didn’t know what was happening to me. As the last second ticked away, I tried to focus on the screen again and keep up appearances.

I wanted to choose my next character, but my brother stood up and said to Lotte, “Maybe we should just leave the ‘Fireball Brigade’ alone and go get some extra groceries. After all, there are four of us now”. Great idea, Lotte said. She looked at us giggling and left the room behind Michiel.

It looked like they were up to something, but honestly, I didn’t care anymore. I looked at Elsie smiling and said, “If you want, it’s your turn now.” Elsie looked at me expectantly and nodded. I threw off the towel and slid out of bed. I kneeled down and sat in front of the edge of the bed. I gently grabbed Elsie’s thighs and pulled her down further than she was already sitting. She ended up lying cross-legged on my bed with her bottom right on the edge. I had no experience, but I fantasized about sex all the time. I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I pushed Elsie’s knees up to her shoulders and Elsie let them fall apart nicely. Finally, I could admire those terrycloth panties up close … and they did not disappoint. The seam of her panties was clearly right between her labia and the fabric was soaked through.

Before removing the panties, I wanted to drive Elsie completely crazy. I placed my ring finger on one of her labia and my index finger on the other and began to slowly move up and down. Elsie began to squirm with pleasure and I saw that she began to move her clit towards my fingers. That was the signal for me to lower my middle finger. With three fingers I slid over the wet fabric of her panties. My middle finger slid between her labia and over her clit. Elsie began to moan softly. I grabbed her panties on both sides and looked for eye contact. Elsie nodded and I slowly removed her panties. Her naked and soaked pussy came out and it was beautiful to see. She had a small triangle of black hair left. Her lips were completely shaved. The moisture dripped out and made her lips glisten.

I pushed her legs into the same position as before and saw her labia unfold slightly. Her lips were clearly swollen with pleasure and there was even a drop of moisture running down them. I followed the drop with my eyes and watched as it slowly made its way to her perfect pink starlet. It all looked so beautiful…. I felt like the luckiest guy in the world. Because she liked it just as much, I made the same movements I had just made on her panties. My index and ring fingers slid over her naked labia, my middle finger slid down her slit and over her swollen bud. Elsie began to squirm with pleasure and lay on the bed with her head back and her eyes closed. She was giving in to her pleasure. It was wonderful to see her enjoying herself and I noticed that my penis was getting quite hard again. My eyes slid up Elsie’s body. Her top had crept up all the way and I could see the beginning of her bare breasts. Past her slender waist and navel, my eyes slid back to her beautiful pussy. My three fingers no longer slid back and forth, but remained focused on the top. Elsie began to breathe more heavily and moan softly. Because of the way I was holding my hand, my thumb ended up at the entrance to her pussy. I gently placed it against her opening and pushed it in. By now my cock was as big and hard as it had been a moment ago and with my left hand I began to slowly jerk myself off. Just a few motions, I couldn’t resist.

I watched as Elsie’s fluid flowed out under the pumping motion of my thumb and for the second time saw the fluid run over her anus, making it glisten. I couldn’t control myself and as I continued to work on Elsie with my right hand, I slowly moved my left index finger to her other hole. I carefully placed my finger on her asshole, watching her reaction closely. Elsie opened her eyes and looked at me a little startled but curious. She gave a quick nod, bit her lip and closed her eyes again. A sign to me that this was new to her, but that she was willing to try it.

With my index finger I made small circles over Elsie’s hole. I used the moisture from her pussy and made it very slippery. I applied a little pressure and felt her ass relax in jerks. Slowly the first part of my finger slid in. Elsie’s pussy also deserved some attention. The sight of her wet slit and swollen bud played with my animal instincts and left me no choice but to kiss her there. I placed my tongue on her opening and licked upward in a single lane. “Oh yeah Peter…lick me nice…,” Elsie moaned. The taste of her pussy was divine and made me even hornier, if that was possible. I closed my lips around her swollen clit and sucked gently on it, running the tip of my tongue over her nub. I heard Elsie’s breathing quicken and adjusted my pace accordingly. As I licked her like this, I continued to play with my finger on her asshole as well. I collected more and more moisture from her pussy and slid in easier and easier without pressing too hard. I could tell that Elsie really liked this by the way she moved and started to fuck my finger with her asshole. Elsie was now moaning rhythmically with every breath. My finger was now sliding in so easily that I tried my thumb. I placed it against her opening and as I licked her, I let it slide deep inside her. “Yaaaa…I’m going to come Peter…go on,” Elsie moaned and within a few seconds I felt Elsie’s pussy contract around my mouth and her ass around my thumb under loud moans………

Elsie opened her eyes and looked at me piercingly. “I’ve never felt anything like this before, Peter. I want to feel you inside me so badly. Do you think you can still do that after you just came?”. I looked at her smiling and went down on my knees to answer her question ‘non-verbally’. She followed my gaze down and saw my penis stiffly erect. My heartbeat was visible in my throbbing member and my glans was glistening with pre-cum and sperm from my first ejaculation. Elsie licked her lips and said, “Just try to put it in gently Peter, but please be careful. It’s my first time. “For me too beautiful Elsie,” I replied, “I’ll be careful, I promise.”

I certainly did not want to hurt sweet Elsie and I would be careful. I took my pillow from my bed and put it under my knees so that I was just at the right height. I grabbed Elsie’s ankles and placed her on the edge of my bed. Elsie spread her legs as wide as she could. With my left hand I grabbed my penis and carefully placed my glans against her entrance. I gently increased the pressure. Her lips opened under the pressure and curled around my glans… The warmth of her body around my penis gave me the best feeling I had ever had. I used the same technique as before with my finger and her asshole. I moved gently back and forth, not pressing too hard, and again felt Elsie begin to move with me. “Nice Peter, Elsie moaned… this is how it goes… a little deeper and deeper I want to feel you inside me…”. As she said this she looked at me. With each thrust I went a little deeper and with each centimeter I penetrated deeper, I saw in her eyes for a moment a kind of horror, which immediately turned back into pleasure. This made me so extremely horny … I knew I wouldn’t last long. I wouldn’t make it to the last five inches like this. I took a break by placing my right hand on Elsie’s stomach and my thumb on her clit. With my left hand I slid down her belly, under her camisole and grabbed her horny breast….. I gently pinched her nipple between my thumb and forefinger while I worked her clit with the thumb of my other hand. Elsie could not stay still and demanded the last five inches of my hard pole. Elsie took longer and longer strokes and now it was my turn to dictate the rhythm with my moans. I could already feel the hot feeling coming back and the image of my pole sliding in and out was becoming too much for me…. Elsie saw my look and said, “Just come inside me Peter…it’s okay. I didn’t let her say it a second time. I used my last few seconds to penetrate as deeply as possible. Elsie hooked her legs together behind my back to help me. I felt my balls pressing against her ass. For the second time today, heavenly waves of pleasure swept through my body. For the first time in my life, I came inside the warm body of a beautiful young woman. It was fantastic…

Elsie looked at me longingly and begged me to make her come back. I wanted nothing more. “Do you want to touch me again down there Peter, that just gave me such a nice full feeling… I want that again…”, “Whatever you want dear Elsie, just let me know what you like,” I said. Elsie came forward with her face and looked deep into my eyes. She gave me a penetrating tongue kiss and said, “You’re really amazing Peter, I’ve been wanting to do this with you for so long…maybe you can get in better this way? Elsie slid off the bed and sat down with her knees on the pillow and her ass facing me. She looked over her shoulder at me with her beautiful blue eyes. Her hair fell beautifully down her slender neck. I let my eyes travel down her gracefully curved back and saw the most beautiful buttocks I could imagine. Beneath her beautiful ass hole I saw her pussy lips dripping with my cum. “Do it to me Peter…I want you to make me come…” Elsie moaned.

I had never seen anything so wonderful and I decided to do everything I could to give Elsie the orgasm of her life. I put my left hand between Elsie’s legs and placed it on her lower abdomen. I began to caress her there with my fingers. Slowly I pulled them back to her dripping pussy. I used my ring and index fingers to spread her lips. With my middle finger I massaged her clit and every now and then I pulled it through her wet slit in one motion. With the thumb of my right hand I tried to find her asshole. When that didn’t work right away, Elsie came to the rescue. With both hands she pulled her buttocks apart, opening the way for me to enter. With a mixture of my semen and her moisture, I soon managed to get my thumb deep inside her again. I was getting so horny I didn’t care anymore. In between fingering her, I licked her from time to time. I licked my way up from Elsie’s clit. Through her slit to her hungry ass. The mixture of our juices made me wildly horny and I even stuck my tongue inside her starlet. Everything got so wet that I tried to get two fingers inside. Elsie looked at me fearfully for a moment, but I found that I could finger that fear away by paying extra attention to her clit. Before I made a second attempt, I noticed that Elsie moved backwards and tried to fuck my fingers herself. “Delicious Peter…this is really heaven for me…,” Elsie said.

It often happened that I jerked off twice in a row when I was in a horny mood, but that was usually the absolute maximum. But what was happening in my bedroom now was anything but normal. And for the third time, I noticed that my cock was really tingling with excitement. How many times had I fantasized about taking a girl from behind and now … the girl of my dreams was bent over my bed in complete submission. I placed my glans against Elsie’s pussy and slid in slowly but in one motion. This while I had my index and middle fingers inside Elsie’s asshole. Elsie moaned, “Yaaa I want you all the way inside me boiling Peter, fill me up all the way with your delicious cock! I grabbed Elsie’s right hand, which was still holding her buttocks open, and guided it down her flank to her pussy. I hoped she would understand that I had no hand left to finger her clit. I realized immediately that I didn’t need to explain that to her. I tried to fuck Elsie in the rhythm she was playing with her clit. Every now and then I took my hard pole all the way out of her pussy and after thinking about it a few times I decided to give it a try.

I put both of my hands on Elsie’s buttocks and pulled them apart. With my thumb I was able to guide my pole to its destination. Mischievously, I placed my soaking wet glans against Elsie’s ass and began to thrust very gently… “Yaa…. Peter….but..gently…”. “I want to feel you everywhere…”. Soon I managed to push my thick glans in. Together with Elsie I slowly tried to come further and further…millimeter by millimeter my pole slid in while Elsie fingered herself like crazy. The words “I want to feel you everywhere” kept going through my head and I wished I could be in two places at once. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Elsie’s controller on my bed and got an idea. I put the handle in my mouth and wet it with my saliva.

Slowly I began to pull my cock out. Elsie looked at me worriedly and seemed to think it was a waste, but I winked at her. I placed the corner of the handle on Elsie’s anus and thought… “Where we started, we will finish…”. As I filled the space we had just created with the handle of the controller, I inserted my cock into her pussy in one motion. “Jaaah Daaan…fuck me darling…take me all the way…”. I started to fuck Elsie and in the same rhythm I pushed the handle of the controller into Elsie’s asshole. This one was not that long but it was thick and I could tell by Elsie’s moans that she loved it. After each thrust I made, Elsie moved towards me and together we fucked each other to our 3rd climax. We moaned in sync, we were one, and as my balls squeezed together to fill Elsie for the second time, I felt the muscles of her pussy contract. We came together with loud moans. It was as if she was milking the last drops of semen from my pole with her pussy. The orgasm of my life….

Elsie slid off the bed and I took her in my arms and onto my lap. She looked at me and smiled sweetly. “We’re going to have a beautiful summer,” I whispered as I looked at her lovingly. We kissed each other….