A short story submitted by a man who fantasizes about his curvy neighbor.

For years, as long as we have lived next door to her, I have fantasized about fucking her. It will probably remain a horny fantasy. But I had thought too fast because my chance came faster than I had dared to hope in my wildest dreams. But let me start at the beginning. I, Hank, came to live there 20 years ago, together with my mother. And right along with us, Penelope came to live next door, she was about 25 years older than me, my mother’s age. But Penelope looked much sexier than Mum. She dressed less flashy than Penelope and she was divorced and we had a different neighbor every week.

It is autumn, cold, rain, and I see her coming home with two heavy bags and in front of the door, she stumbles and falls. I rush out, help her up and, clutching my arm, I bring her in, but because it was raining so much the dear was soaked, and when I lifted her up and her bumps hit me, I got wet too. Once inside, she plopped down on the couch… Oh, Hank, my legs hurt so much and with the wet mess on my body, I’m getting all sick. Shall I help you? Then I will take something off and look at your leg. OK, dear, if you would do that, I would be grateful. Carefully I start to undress her, but everything is soaked, then she suddenly asks, take off everything but my panties and bra. I see her looking at my trousers, which are already stretched around my penis, so stiff is it. Stretching and feeling her thick body,

But over the years, Penelope gained weight and the pounds came off, especially her tits and her ass, which became super fat. Because I like fat women, Penelope drew my attention more and more. She didn’t let a moment go by that she didn’t ogle at me and she always made ambiguous remarks. I was getting hornier and hornier for her. I am not married and decide to make some more contact. In the meantime, I am already 40 and Penelope has a pension, just like Mum.

Penelope lays in front of it, almost naked. I put her chubby legs on my lap and rub them from her calves to her thighs. When I get there, she spreads her legs and says, “Just a little further, Hank, I feel pain there too.” Until I reach her panties, “Take them off too, sweetheart. Well, that was off quickly and there is some kit, the drool was running out of me everywhere. She holds her lips open and says, feel inside. With two fingers I enter her pussy. Feeling her clit, I go further into her pussy, Penelope lies there panting and enjoying, stop, it’s even deeper could you perhaps not come deeper into me with your dick than with your fingers. And she grabs me right away by my hard dick, And right away she unbuckles my trousers and I’m sitting in my bare bottom next to her on the couch, come a little closer, sweetie then I can reach it with my mouth, horny, I bring my dick in her mouth, sucking she has it in her throat.

When she feels that I am going to come, she stops, take it easy, Hank. Take my breasts, they hurt too. Kneading, they get hard too. And then she comes. Oh boy, the pain is getting less, but keep going from below, preferably with your dick, lying on her back I insert my penis in her ripe pussy and fucking she says, keep going, then I won’t have pain anymore. Lying on that divine body I come. When my cock plops out of her, the only thing she says is, Finally, this is what I have dreamed of for years and because of a fall, your cock ends up in Penelope’s pussy. She sits down and walks away, Coffee Hank? And this was the beginning of a wonderful, sex life, with the horny fat neighbor