During the summer vacations I spent a lot of time at home, three weeks naked and also in the garden, and I’ve been coloring myself quite a bit. And some join me when they come to visit others like it, but stay dressed themselves and then there are also a few that I have to wear at least pants.

This day a niece would visit me, a beautiful young woman of 20 years old. With my 45 years, I still look pretty sporty and well cared for. At the beginning of the afternoon the gate opened (despite the fact that I am naked a lot, it is almost never locked) and my niece stepped into the garden, a nice summery appearance with a shirt and a skirt, teasingly she said yes it’s that time again, nothing on. We walked towards each other and grabbed each other for our normal greeting, a kiss and a cuddle.

After which I sat down next to her, she began to tell me it was over with her boyfriend, I put my arm around her to comfort her and felt her head on my shoulder as she continued to tell me. Her right hand slid on my left thigh and she ended her story with a deep sigh, she said most of all I will miss his wonderful body and the wonderful way he helped me out of my clothes when we wanted to go free.

My niece grabbed my cock.

Then she grabbed my cock and asked is it not ready to orgasm yet uncle, while she was playing with it, he himself gave the answer already by growing. My niece stood up and pulled me over and I got the order to undress her, which I had no further trouble with, the shirt and skirt were off in no time, she had nothing else on and I looked at a beautiful pair of breasts, not too big.

Further down she had a perfectly shaved pussy, but she thought that my stubble that was already coming through should also disappear so the shaving kit came out. I sat down on the couch with my legs wide and she started lathering me up without skipping a spot and put the blade on my lower abdomen until not a hair was visible anymore and then continued with my scrotum to finish with my cock.

After removing the soap residue she looked it over and was satisfied with the result and kissed my cock and sack she came to stand in front of me grabbed my head and pressed it against her crotch. My lips against her lips where my tongue now had work to do, while I worked her clit, she stuck a few fingers inside herself and soon reached orgasm She came and sat on my lap and our mouths found each other as did our tongues, my cock came to sit between our bellies while my hands caressed her buttocks and a few fingers massaged her sphincter this always excited her.

She dragged me to the grass where we lay down next to each other and I took her nipples between my fingers and started pulling on them until she indicated that it started to hurt, then I took them into my mouth to suck on them. I felt her nails penetrate my back as she started moaning and was already getting quite horny again with her wet pussy, I took a seat between her legs, brought my cock in front of her lips and let it disappear between them.

I slid it all the way in and let it sit there for a while before I started to slide it back and forth, she directed the pace and so determined when I could cum, but that was only after her orgasm, but also with me, it got to the point where my seed spurted inside her.

Her pussy was wet and ready for a great fuck.

The next drink arrived and we enjoyed it sitting against each other. After a while she said she needed a round of consolation and took a dildo out of her purse which I had to insert as far as possible. And to give her another licking, but now I also had to finger myself with three fingers at the same time during which she came twice, meanwhile my dick was also made as stiff as possible by her.

Her legs opened again, and I had to take the dildo out of her and give it to her and sit next to her with my back to her and get it shoved inside myself. And took my place to start another pleasurable job, we both moaned with pleasure there must have been neighbors who heard this, but we didn’t think about that.

We only wanted to cum as soon as possible, so it didn’t take long before my cousin came, moaning heavily, and almost at the same time I did too, but with the dildo in me, it was more intense and more seed came out of my cock. Now a nice strong red wine came on the table and we sat down again on the couch, she again on my lap and our mouths went to each other again and tongues inside each other. When we were done kissing and finished our wine it was time to take a shower, for this occasion I had taken a larger shower, so we could get in together at the same time.

I started with her breasts, first rolling the nipples between my fingers and gently pulling on them while she massaged my balls while I let my hands slide down one to her pussy and one to her ass. Went her hands from my balls to my cock she was wet again and not just from the water coming out of the shower head and my cock stiffened again for the final game. My cock went very smoothly into her delicious pussy, so we stayed like that for a while to kiss one more time and then start the finale and cum one last time. Exhausted, but satisfied, we said goodbye, my niece went home again while I had a nice cognac to enjoy some more.

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