Moving… what a chore… lugging boxes around all day, getting household goods in and out of the truck and then putting them back in place…. In short, don’t do it too often. At the end of the moving day, I still had to leave in the evening and I wanted to take a shower, but the tiles in our new house had just been grouted, so I still had to do that in the old house. As we still had to bring some clothes, I asked my sister-in-law to come with me. While I was in the shower, she could get the clothes and the baskets of dirty laundry. Photo from a live Bond girl.

Talked and done. When we arrived, we went upstairs together, and I went into the bathroom. The thing is, my sister-in-law has never been in a relationship and is 100% sure she is a virgin. We had seen each other naked before, so in the bathroom, I started to undress in front of my sister-in-law. I noticed that she was dawdling a bit, really waiting to see me completely naked again. I pretended not to notice and slowly undressed until I was standing in front of her in my boxers. I looked at her and asked her to remove my boxers.

She changed colour, but I could see a twinkle in her eyes. Do you really want me to? She squatted in front of me and lowered my boxers. My now stiff cock popped out and was a few centimetres away from her face, May I? She asked. Go ahead, but you’ll have to take something off to wait I’ll help you In no time she was standing in front of me in bra and panties… she turned around, and I unhooked her bra and pulled it off her I bent down a bit and pulled off her panties a few centimetres from mega big bottoms at that moment she turned around and looked into a super smooth shaved pussy I’d made a comment about it on an earlier occasion. My sister-in-law never shaved because she didn’t have a man to spoil her anyway …. I looked up and smiled… so listen to me… I said.

Yes, she said, and it’s actually quite delicious, I thought… yes, now every day with a soaking wet pussy in your panties… but anyway, I stroked her labia with my hand, so that I got a finger right between them ooooh, I said, you’re soaking wet, I stood up again and looked at her. Yes, she said, I have waited so long for this, it really has to happen and you have to do it, are you sure? Absolutely sure…. We started kissing immensely on her part somewhat inexperienced but still good I rubbed her breasts, cup F firm tits with deliciously hard nipples I rubbed her belly down, and she spread her legs a bit, so I could reach them…. In no time, I had found her clit and was massaging it.

Meanwhile, one of her hands went to my mega-thick cock… she grabbed it and moved it back and forth a bit, Is that OK? She asked Sure. As we kissed and caressed each other, we moaned and groaned until I almost came. Stop for a moment, I said. Let’s go into the bedroom… completely empty of course, but still carpeted… She lay on her back with her legs spread, so I could reach her. Unbelievable how horny she was. When I touched her clit with my tongue, a shiver of excitement went through her. It wasn’t long before she was writhing on the floor, a mega-orgasm O… she screamed… I’ve never come like this before… I always have to do it myself, but this is so good.

I kissed her on the lips, looked at her and asked: are you ready? She nodded: are you careful? Of course, I am. I brought my cock in front of her fuck entrance… and put my glans in, she held her breath… I pushed through very gently and felt some resistance come on, go soon… this has to be! Furthermore, I pushed through. And for a moment her face went pale with pain, and I was in with my whole cock after a few seconds the excitement won out over the pain…. Go on, go on she shouted… I’m on the pill so come on and after a few thrusts I came and all my cum flowed straight into her. Delicious she cried… Well, sister-in-law, you’ll be fine… After that we did it many more times, but more about that next time”.