This story describes an experience years ago in Africa. I am a German man of 58 years old. My fantasy preference in this story is such a pretty dark woman.

About 20 years ago I worked for an international organization advising medium-sized private companies on investments in former conflict zones in Africa. At the time, I also spent several years in the Congo and Burundi. Although times had changed somewhat since Jef Geeraerts’ “Gangreen”, I have very fond memories, also sexual, of my African time.

It happened at a conference in Africa, Congo.

The annual congress in Kinshasa, Congo in Africa. was coming up and I was the chosen one to represent our organization during those four days. As always with this kind of congress, it took place in a hyper-luxurious hotel where it was quite difficult to imagine why and for whom we were actually here. The program consisted, as usual, of lectures and workshops in the morning, followed by a sumptuous lunch, and, after noon, free discussions and reflection (whatever the latter entailed).

Most of the lectures gave a feeling of déjà vu or, if they contained anything new, they were usually unworldly concoctions of some academic nerd who had never set foot in the field. Anyone who had already experienced this type of conference knew that this type of event is primarily about networking, in the broadest sense of the word. The colleagues who had traveled from the war zone, in particular, were very open-minded. First and foremost, they wanted to let off steam and enjoy their few days of freedom to the fullest. In fact, most of the participants just wanted to let loose, without any questions or other nagging. There was a lot of eating, drinking and, last but not least, fucking, during these events.

During the first lecture, I could not stop myself from looking around the room to see what kind of meat was in the barrel. Yes, there were some familiar faces…their looks back spoke volumes about the nature of the “relationship” we once had…. So be it…. During the first coffee break, I noticed an elegant African lady I had never seen before. She strutted through the lobby like a slender gazelle.

Her tight suit and high heels emphasized her beautiful figure.

Her tight suit and high heels emphasized her beautiful figure, with a nice pair of small but firm breasts and a round ass that flared into a pair of infinitely long legs. She had a beautiful look on her face, with just enough make up to emphasize her natural beauty, all crowned with a wild bunch of frizzy hair. Wow, what a piece….. I want to get to know her better!

Coincidence or not, but during the next workshop that morning, we were in the same study group. Her name was Adeola and she was from Senegal, working for an international development organization in eastern Congo. I could now admire her up close. Her long fine fingers caught my eye first, and I let my imagination run wild: what would it feel like when those fingers would tickle over my body and then jerk me off? Would she really have such large hard nipples and flapping labia as so many other African women. What about that so-called unbridled lust about which so many wild stories circulated?

Despite the fact that Jef G.’s hyperbolas in Gangreen were a bit over the top (and actually very disrespectful to those beautiful women), I had usually had highly satisfying experiences with African women. Those with whom I had been allowed to share the sponde and more, took initiative, knew very well what they wanted, and, if you as a man could help them experience seventh heaven, then their lust for you and their surrender in the play of love was indeed unlimited.


Wonderful, that primal passion! However, if you couldn’t satisfy them, you could shake it, it was that simple. I got a spontaneous erection and also a tan while thinking about what Adeola and I could do with each other.

Adeola gave a short talk about her organization’s projects. A heated discussion about the (im)sense of these kinds of projects started in Africa, with another African lady who was particularly aggressive and seemed to be playing more the woman than the ball. I felt obliged to intervene and decided to give the lady a firm answer in order to defend Adeola. She looked at me with a smile but said nothing else.

During the coffee break, Adeola came up to me and thanked me extensively for my intervention during her lecture. I introduced myself and replied that she should not thank me; all I had done was give my opinion. I told Adeola that I did not understand at all the aggressive reaction of the other lady.

Adeola laughed and pulled me close to her in a corner.

Adeola laughed and pulled me close to her in a corner. She whispered in my ear that the lady was an ex-colleague who had a tough egg to peel with her because they had been after the same man during a previous convention and the latter had left her for Adeola after a night of not so thunderous sex. We both laughed. I could smell Adeola’s intoxicating perfume. Somehow she bumped her chest against my arm. We looked each other straight in the eye for a moment, with me completely drowning in Adeola’s almond-colored gazes.

We exchanged each other’s numbers as we returned to the conference room. I could no longer concentrate on the lectures and thought only of meeting Adeola, her perfume, her breasts, her…. I saw Adeola looking around and decided to send her a naughty app which she answered in no time even more naughty…. That promised! Then, as we stood in line for the lunch buffet, Adeola beckoned me to join her. We luckily had the table all to ourselves and continued our coffee conversation. I melted for Adeola’s humor and smile….on our glances and touches made it clear that we wanted more, much more, from each other.

We agreed to spend the afternoon together by the pool. Adeola wore a beautiful high-cut white swimsuit with a bare back and deep décolleté, which emphasized her shapes. I was spontaneously reminded of a slender gazelle leaping through the steppe. Fortunately, there were no hungry tigers here to endanger her, even though I had developed enormous appetites for Adeola….. I couldn’t take my eyes off her beautiful ebony buttocks that popped out perfectly shaped under her bathing suit.

We ordered a bottle of white wine and enjoyed each other’s company. She had been single for several months and was in dire need of what she called “un peu de chaleur humaine” after a difficult time in Eastern Congo. I look at her sternly and answered her, “la chaleur, c’est moi”… schater… schater…. Afterwards, Adeola suggested that we have dinner together in the evening at a restaurant in the hotel.

I arrived a little early and picked a discreet table. Adeola arrives a little later and once again looks gorgeous in a simple but tasteful dress that seems to be molded around her body. Her high heels make her look even taller. She giggles when I compliment her extensively. In fact, even after the appetizer, we both have trouble focusing on the food anymore.

I slowly slide my leg along her leg whereupon she rubs her toes across my crotch and looks straight into my eyes with her intoxicating almond-colored stares. Adeola says she has a little secret for me and if I can guess it, a special reward awaits me. I take off my naughty shoes and slowly run my foot up her leg. She opens her legs and I continue with my foot until I feel her warm moist pussy with my toes.

She moans softly as she presses her pelvis against my foot.

She moans softly as she presses her pelvis against my foot. “Jackpot” she says with a triumphant smile. I ask her curiously about my special reward. “Patience mon cher ami,… patience ” she replies……

We leave dessert and take the elevator to her room. We lean in to each other and give each other a deep tongue kiss. I feel Adeola’s hard nipples pierce my chest as I knead her buttocks through her dress and press my erection against her lower abdomen. We have huge appetites for each other. Even before the door to her room closes, we have undressed each other…. “on va d’abord prendre un bain” says Adeola and leads me to the bathroom.

The bath is quickly filled and we crawl close together in the hot water. Her shiny ebony skin stands out beautifully under the soft lighting. What a bloody beautiful woman! We begin to caress each other and I notice that her hard nipples are very sensitive. I let my hands slide along her tight belly towards her venus mound and buttocks. I teasingly tickle through her beautifully trimmed bush of pubic hair. She asks me somewhat timidly if I don’t mind all that hair. I look at her in amazement and reply that I find it blissful to cuddle through her bush instead of busy with a child’s bald pussy.

Meanwhile, I begin to explore her pussy with my fingers. She has big inner lips that are quite wet and swollen by now and look at me invitingly, just like her big clitoris whose tip is curiously peeping out. I want Adeola to come first, and slowly slide my index and middle finger into her pussy. She moans approvingly and I feel my fingers being sucked in, so to speak. I let them slowly move back and forth over her g-spot. “oh oui… continuous…” she moans softly, as my fingers make a sopping sound under the water and I use my thumb to treat her clitoris. I alternately suck her nipples.

Adeola pushes her lower body against my hand and begins to move her pelvis ever more wildly, pinching her hard nipples. I continue to stroke her g-spot and watch her arousal and lust take control of her. Adeola begins to moan louder and louder and cries out “je vais jouir” then with a primal cry she cums violently. Her body shudders wildly back and forth in the bathtub and I struggle to keep my finger in her pussy. Her wild movements cause the bathwater to sloshing over the edge of the tub. As she slowly rasps out, I press her hair very firmly against me and gently stroke her. Adeola’s hazy look and smile speak volumes.

We step out of the tub and quickly rub each other dry.

We step out of the tub and quickly rub each other dry. Adeola walks ahead of me into the bedroom. Her buttocks move sensually back and forth. She lies down on her stomach on the bed and pushes her delicious ass upwards spreading open her glistening panties with her fingers. I tease her by gently hitting her lips with my stiff penis and sliding it past her lips without entering her. I don’t feel like taking her yet; I want to taste her first. I lick her buttock and so on to her pussy.

Her lips smile at me and my tongue is met with a subdued moan as I begin to indulge them. I lick her pussy out, suck her lips into my mouth, and occasionally tease her clit. How delicious she tastes and smells! Adeola starts panting and moaning faster and louder as I continue at the same pace with my tongue. Suddenly, she squeezes her buttocks hard and begins to squirm wildly, moaning loudly. I try to keep licking as best I can. When her climax subsides, she drops on her back on the bed. Her body shimmers with sweat. Adeola smiles contentedly and pulls me towards her, hugging me tightly… “Tu es génial”. I hear and feel her heart pounding…..

“Maintenant c’est mon tour” she whispers in my ear and she begins to stroke her dainty fingers through my chest hair, slowly down to my bottom She caresses my balls and lets them roll through her hands. My penis awakens and quickly erects itself. She wets her hands with her pussy juice, takes my penis in her hands and pulls it off with a firm grip. She licks my balls and goes up along the shaft with her tongue. Adeola looks me straight in the eye and purses her lips. I’ve never seen someone so sensual move her lips over my glans and then start to pamper it so nicely with her tongue and lips. Blessed!!!

Adeola knows very well what she is doing. Before I realize it I reach the point of no return and feel an intense orgasm bubbling up. My pelvis spontaneously rises which is the signal for Adeola to speed up the pace with her tongue and lips. She also brings a finger into my asshole and immediately knows how to find my prostate. I explode more violently than ever and squirt deep into her mouth as I star. She continues to lick me until I am completely emptied….

My penis, meanwhile, remains rock hard and before I notice, Adeola comes and sits on top of me and begins to ride me. I feel every millimeter of her tight pussy as she thunders up and down my penis faster and faster with her buttocks slapping hard against my thighs. Her pussy makes a sopping sound and her clit seems bigger than ever. I put my hands around her buttocks and guide her pumping motion “Oh oui ….oh oui…” she exclaims and it doesn’t take long for us to climax together intensely.

Adeola’s body shudders violently and she cries out. It seems like she keeps coming where she holds my penis in a tight stranglehold. Finally she throws herself on me and showered me with kisses. She is hot and bathed in sweat. i gently caress her back and buttocks. Her heart pounds against my chest. We drink a glass of bubbly and fall asleep like two lovers entwined in each other.

The next morning we leave the congress for what it is, and continue to enjoy each other….