A story about a forced cuckold. The story is a writer’s fantasy. Photo is from latex girl Inny, topless on Monday.

We had had a nice evening and had visited several pubs and had a good time, Nadine, my girlfriend all the way. She had gotten good attention from the men, and especially from those four dark-skinned men.

She had been on the dance floor a lot and I had seen how the men turned her on and of course themselves too. One had taken the liberty of turning her around during the dance so that he was behind her and had put his big hands around her breasts and stood against her tight ass during that dance.

Nadine did enjoy the attention, and it was all right with me, I thought it was kind of hot to see her like that. We were on our way home and I said “you had your evening,” yes you can say that, what a lovely man they were. You must have felt a couple of thick cocks pressing against you, yes honey, that couldn’t be helped and especially when he was riding my ass.

My hand slipped between her legs, her skirt was quite high, and I felt her crotch, and it was moist, and I played with her pussy through the panties and I felt that she was getting wetter.

Forced cuckold with horny men.

Her hand found my stiff cock in my pants, later enjoy, she said I’m so horny. I put the car in the garage, we got out, and suddenly they were there, the four men from the pub. Before I realized it, my arms were pulled back and there were cuffs around them.

“What does this mean?” I asked. They told me you will find out and your wife, especially because we came for her. We make a cuckold, you have to look. Nadine had to open the door, and we were pushed inside and in the room I was placed in a chair.

You thought you could get rid of us like that huh slut, Nadine was told let us see your pussy first and take off your panties. I will not do that, she said oh no said one of the men and two pulled me up, and I got a punch in my stomach, I hit double from the pain.

Tell her to take off her panties, I was told, I said I won’t and immediately there was another thump and this time harder. Give her the order, otherwise you will get a knee against your balls and that is more painful, he said.

Nadine, do what they say, I said take off your panties. Nadine stood up and stroked her panties down. Let us see your horny pussy, bitch, but she didn’t. Another punch I got, order that we can see her pussy, it was said.

I will do it, I heard her say, say you like to show us your pussy, she was instructed, and now I saw that there was filming. I would really like to show you my pussy, she said and pulled up the dress and showed her pussy with a strip of hair. That looks nice, said one of them and went up to her.

Are you horny for a cuckold he asked, I feel your pussy, and she did it, she knew there was no escape? Yes I am horny she said and one man felt you are so wet you need to be used do you want it, and slapped her bare ass.

Yes I want it, she said softly we want to hear it louder and Nadine repeated it yes I want to be used, and now a man gave a big pull on her dress, and it jumped open, another pull on her bra and there she stood naked.

We want to use your slut in bed.

We want to use your slut in bed so all go upstairs and Nadine had to lead the way because you know the way, they said laughing and hit her a few times on her ass which became red. Upstairs I was put in the chair and Nadine was thrown on the bed and the men took off their clothes and there were four fat dicks.

Nadine’s legs were pulled apart and one of the men dove in between them and without any foreplay he pushed his cock deep inside, Nadine moaned. Yes, you feel that one hey slut we will be there for you tomorrow still feel that we visited, and he started thrusting wildly.

I couldn’t help it, my cock was getting stiff, my girlfriend was getting fucked and in what way. At one point I heard her moan and that was from horniness, I recognized that. Is this horny she asked the man who fucked her, yes this is horny she confessed I am going to come she moaned, and the man rammed by. Don’t squirt, I heard her say I’m not on the pill anymore, then we just fill your pussy, said the man.

You can count on that, and with a fierce moan he filled her pussy. So, the next one he said and came between her thighs and the next one wanted to take her backwards and turned her around, so she was on her hands and knees, and immediately he slid his pole inside.

The slapping of his belly against her ass echoed through our bedroom, so did Nadine’s moans. He grabbed her by her long hair and pulled her head up and another crawled in front of her and pushed his cock into her mouth and fucked her that way, so she was stuck between two horny bears.

Again she moaned, this is how you want to be fucked, hey slut was asked. A slap on her ass made her say: yes, I want to be fucked like that. Yes, and like this in your ass, slut. Ask for another slap, then I heard her say: you have to take me in my ass too.

The man fucking her.

The man fucking her, ejected his seed into her pussy, and the man in her mouth pulled his cock out and squirted her face full. One of the men had come over to me and was undoing my pants, look men he is getting horny that we are fucking his girlfriend like this and pulled out my stiff cock.

You want us to fuck your girlfriend like this huh horny bear, he asked, I didn’t answer right away, and he squeezed my balls, the tears jumped in my eyes and I couldn’t say anything else but yes I want you to fuck her like this also in her ass, he asked, yes also in her ass.

The seed leaked out of her pussy and now the man with the thickest cock came behind her and Nadine understood that he would press it into her ass, that will never happen, she said, that will be fine he said count on that I am going to stretch your ass.

Pull your buttocks apart was the command for her and Nadine did that look what a nice rosette she has men it’s going to go, he spit and times firmly on the rosette, pulled his glans through her pussy and got wet with seed and put it against it.

Slowly the pressure increased and Nadine heard felt it, it’s not going, she moaned you will feel that later relax, but he said. Yes, so it goes better, he said and slowly slid the glans a little inside. The tension increased and more and more cock entered her ass when he came to the sphincter he stopped, he said get used to it and Nadine liked the way it felt.

Then suddenly a hard thrust and he came further.

Then suddenly a hard thrust and he came further and Nadine gave a loud scream. Again he waited a moment to get used to it, he said, then he started fucking, and slowly he came all the way in and Nadine started to like it. I’ll spray your ass so full, he said, yes please do, moaned Nadine.

Do you like it, yes wonderful she said I enjoy it and played with her clit and came great followed by the discharge into her ass. When the pole came out of her ass with a slurping sound, the man said, you are open for the next round.

The man with the camera went to her, you did this of your own free will he asked and Nadine said, I did this of my own free will and can we come again, he asked, yes you come but as often as you want, she said because this was super horny.

Then he came to me, you agree with what your girlfriend said, yes come as often as you want I said, she needs it and then Nadine came to me and sucked me and drank my seed something she only does when she is super horny and this was proof that she was.

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