A man originally from Holland asks his wife to help keep a good worker on the job. I run a grain storage business in rural Montana. During harvest season, it gets pretty busy. Huge farms bring their grain to sell and store their harvest. We have to run the operation almost twenty-four hours a day for five months. I usually hire someone to supervise the other shifts, and then I like to hire guys with degrees in agriculture because this is a perfect jump in their careers. Photo by American girl Freyja.

They work a season and then they are free to open their own farm or work in another farming area. They must know how to assess a crop, how to plan unloading trucks, must be able to oversee equipment maintenance and repair, and many other tasks. The job is relatively short but very lucrative and I usually offer board and lodging in my own home because there is little to rent. This year I decided to hire a graduate guest from Nebraska, Peter was his name.

When I first spoke to Peter by phone, I understood that he was pretty smart and very focused. He was also very friendly. He arrived, eager to work, and spent a few days in the early harvest season learning the ropes of the business and computer systems. He seemed very at ease and ran the show in no time. My wife, Jeanne, always prepared the guest room for my employees. It has a bathroom with tub and a king-size bed, and it is actually a very nice place to stay in for a couple of months.

Peter worked the evening shift, from four to midnight, while I worked from seven to four. The evening shift hardly differed from the morning because we always had a line of grain trucks waiting to weigh, level and unload. I saw him in passing, usually he would come in around 2:30 and sit drinking a Coke until he took the reins for the rest of the day, so there was some time for a chat. I was really happy with how efficiently he arranged things and how he dealt with the farmers and truck drivers. My wife also loved him because he would hang around the house in the morning and then regularly offer to help with cleaning and other small jobs because he felt he owed us something for board and lodging.

Jeanne remarked how polite the new worker was.

Jeanne remarked how polite he was, and it took him a while to stop saying ma’am to her. This man did not realize how much money he was making for my company. The cost of board and lodging was not a problem. Anyway, in the third week of the season, Peter started to get a little down. Eventually, I got him to tell me why he was suddenly acting so gloomy. It turned out that his girlfriend had dumped him over the phone after two years, and there seemed no hope of reconciliation. He said he was actually considering going to Nebraska and seeing if he could patch things up.

I felt a lump in my throat. I was terrified that my best employee was going to leave, and then just when things were going to increase at work. Not wanting to seem insensitive, I tried to reason with him and listen to his problems with a caring ear. It seemed that he had made up his mind and was going to leave two weeks later. I was talking to Jeanne that night as we lay in bed to hear if she had any ideas. “Why don’t we find him a new girlfriend?” she said.

“Brilliant…” responded I, “but there’s one big problem then, there are no girls within a hundred kilometers. Nothing but open expanses of wheat and corn fields. Unless there’s a girl hiding in a cornfield nearby, I don’t see any chance of him getting a new girlfriend.”

Maybe I can be his girlfriend, said my wife.

“Well, maybe I can be his girlfriend then,” she said in a playful tone.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked.

“Well, he just needs someone to pay some attention to him. He hangs around the house all morning and gets bored while you do your shift. I could do some cooking for him, watch some movies with him, go for walks with him, and stuff! I’ll just try to distract his mind from it.”

“Well, if you tell him you’re going to be his girlfriend, he might get naughty ideas in his head.”

“Like what? He’s almost twenty years younger than me, he won’t…. He won’t want anything from me in any case.”

“Honey, you have no idea the effect you have on men. You are a very sexy woman.”

Jeanne was a 41-year-old woman. She was not a model, but has nice wide hips that move nicely when she walks and very nice big breasts that are noticed by everyone who walks by her. She is a brunette and has dark brown eyes. Her skin is one of her best features, it is soft and somewhat pale because she is not interested in a tan.

You can tell she has taken good care of herself. One thing I really like about her is that she doesn’t shave completely bald underneath, like all those porn actresses, but leaves a streak of pubic hair. This really turns me on in bed. She also has a sparkling, flirty personality that can win anyone over.

Our sex life was pretty routine, about three positions and not much foreplay, but it kept me satisfied at the ripe old age of forty-five.

“You just have to understand that if you act like his girlfriend, eventually he’s going to expect a little more. He’s a hot-blooded American man of twenty-two, he has needs,” I smiled at her.

“Well, I’ll try to keep it lighthearted. He is a handsome young man. I might have trouble keeping my hands off him myself,” she remarked slyly with a giggle.

From then on, Jeanne joined him for breakfast every morning after I left, watched soap operas with him and offered a listening ear when he wanted to grieve over his previous relationship. I think Peter enjoyed the attention because he seemed to be in a much better mood when he came to work.

Jeanne also seemed pleased with the arrangement. “I think he likes his new girlfriend,” she said one afternoon.

I was a little startled. “Did you really tell him you’re his girlfriend? I thought you’d just be nice to him.”

“Well, I told him, but he knows I’m just trying to cheer him up. He asked me today when he could have his first kiss,” she laughed.

“I’m warning you,” I said. “He’ll want more than a kiss if you keep this up. You can still give a dead man an erection!” I think Jeanne was a little naive about the effect she has on men.

One day I came home around 5:30. I sat down at the dining room table and read a day-old newspaper. A moment later Jeanne walked into the kitchen wearing a t-shirt and white cotton panties, a bra she obviously didn’t have on. Her large breasts swayed and jiggled and you could clearly see her large nipples. “You look comfortable,” I joked.

“Yes, I am. I’ve been walking around in this outfit all day,” she smiled. “I guess you’re right about that hot-blooded American boy thing. He was sitting on the couch watching the news in his boxers and I walked in dressed like this. Guess what happened?

He had to get a pillow to cover himself when I sat down with him. He’s a little shy, that Peter, but you could have a three-ring circus in the tent he had set up,” she giggled.

“What do you say?”

The worker is “big-boned” and needs sex.

“I think that young Peter of yours is what they call big-boned. He seemed to get all sweaty and shut up when I tried to chat with him. He was a little nervous or shy or something.”

“The boy probably hasn’t had sex in months, you better be careful,” I said.

“You know, I didn’t think about that. It’s kind of unfair to tease him by walking around in my panties and no bra with that loaded gun.”

Something evil clicked in my brain. “Since you’re his girlfriend, maybe you should ease his stress a little.”

“What on earth do you mean by that?” she exclaimed.

“Well, there’s nothing wrong with a little handwork,” I muttered, half expecting to be hit by a coffee mug, or whatever else she had on hand.

“Ah hah! Pervert! Remember I’m a married woman? Why do you think he wants a forty-one-year-old woman to jack him off?”

“Any man his age would accept a handjob from you! You’re not having sex with him. It was just an idea!” I played it off as if I were only joking and flirting, but something in the back of my mind wanted this conversation to continue.

“I did notice that he kind of meed me at work today, like he had seen something he shouldn’t have,” I said.

“Do you think he changed his mind about leaving?” she said with a pouty face.

“No, I don’t know, I haven’t brought it up yet.”

“Well, do you think I should try the deduction approach?” she laughed.

“Of course,” I said with the same playful tone in my voice, “why not?”

I had a feeling we were joking again, so I didn’t follow up the conversation. But my mind raced and my cock tightened behind my pants. The rest of the evening passed quietly, but an image of Jeanne’s dainty hand with her lacquered fingernails grasping a large cock began to flash in my mind.

The next day at work I struggled to concentrate because of the previous day’s conversation, but later I got into a rhythm and the thoughts disappeared. When Peter came he seemed somewhat normal again and he just went to work.

Once home, Jeanne was sitting in her pajamas in the high chair reading a book. “How was your day?” asked Peter.

“Good, I guess.”

“Why aren’t you in your t-shirt like yesterday?” I asked jokingly but she remained silent for a moment.

“Well, um… I did have that on today, but I got something on it,” she then finally said.

My mind raced and I struggled to breathe. She had actually walked around him again in just her underwear. Then I remembered the conversation the day before, which I had thought was just a joke.

Had she not been joking and really jerked Peter off? And what was the something she had gotten on her clothes?

“I jerked Peter off,” she said suddenly. “There, I admit it. I got his cum all over my t-shirt, and that’s why I’m wearing my pajamas now. I have to be honest with you. I’m not good at keeping secrets, and now I’m terrified what you’re mad at me.” She sat up and stared into space, a tear rolling down her cheek.

“Honey,” I said and cleared my throat as I wondered what to say. Images of my cute little wife in a nearly see-through cotton shirt, which Peter took off, swirled around in my head. It made me stiff as granite.

Shouldn’t I be angry? But I wasn’t angry. What the hell was going on with my brain? Jealousy was like a drug and I was addicted. “Well, I guess you gave the boy a little relief,” I said airily.

She looked at me suddenly confused. “You’re not leaving … You’re not going to divorce me…? You’re not going to kill me?”

“No,” I said shrugging my shoulders. “It hasn’t even occurred to me to do one of those things. I … uh … I think it’s pretty funny! Where and when did all this happen?”

“Well, he was sitting on the couch in his shorts and a shirt, just relaxing and getting ready for his shift. I asked him about his ex-girlfriend, trying to let him know he could talk to me if he ever needed someone to listen.

He didn’t think he was in as much pain anymore with that relationship going out. I just sat down next to him as he zapped through the channels on TV and saw that he had a big boner. Calvin, I have to say, he had a huge boner. His dick was really pressing against the fabric. He looked like he hadn’t had an orgasm in months. I felt a little bad for teasing him so much, so I figured I was just going to help him, just like I said I would.

I nervously reached down to unbutton his shorts. He just sat there looking at me and he moved his arms to the side to give me room to pull down his zipper.

That boy was created like a horse.

Oh my god, that boy was created like a horse. Must be at least twenty-five inches long! I’ve seen smaller dicks under a donkey.

Anyway, he helped me pull down his pants and then he pulled his boxers all the way off. I wasn’t so nervous when I found out he didn’t object, so I leaned on his lap and slowly pulled him off while he watched TV.”

I sat down. I was stunned but tried not to show it. I just could hardly control myself anymore. Stings of jealousy and pleasure simultaneously chased through my body like a drug.

“So you jerked the guy off…. Did he say thank you?”

“Well, a little, he moaned very loudly and squirted all over,” she giggled. “It was on my shirt, on the couch, in my hair and was quite a chore to clean it all up. I suspect that was his version of a thank you.

He didn’t say much after that. It was time for him to get ready. He stepped into the shower, got dressed and left.

I also showered because I smelled like his cum. I guess that boy hadn’t had an orgasm in a long time,” she added casually.

I tried to take my mind off what was happening, but what I really wanted was to wrap my hand around my aching cock and jerk myself off. “Honey, excuse me for a moment,” I said and walked to the bedroom to put on ;shorts.

A little later, she also came into the bedroom. “Are you mad at all?” she asked. “I know we were joking about it. I’m sorry, I just don’t know what I was thinking!”

“I’m not sorry,” I said. “I don’t know how to explain how I feel, but for some reason I just don’t mind that you touched him, or even jerked him off. I don’t know why. I guess I should be angry, but I think it’s pretty cool…. You didn’t have sex with him or anything. I think I’m okay with this, as long as you tell me what’s going on, and don’t let it go too far.”

“You’re okay with it?” she said in surprise. “Well, if you feel that way, I would add that it was fun. I felt like a teenager with him, a little scared of what would happen. But once engaged, I just started doing it. I just can’t believe how big his cock is!”

Later that evening, as we were relaxing after making love, she noticed I was stiff again almost immediately. “I’m beginning to think you like what I did today, your cock is already stiff again. I don’t remember you being this horny in ages!”

I had to clear my throat for a moment. “I’ve read that some guys like to hear their wives challenge or tease other men. I guess I like that you accept that you are an attractive woman. You’re my wife, too.”

“I will always be your wife, I love you Calvin,” she said, then rolled over and fell asleep almost immediately.

I rubbed my aching cock as I thought about the day’s events. I would have loved to secretly watch my wife take care of Peter’s cock. I would have liked to watch next time, but I knew I had to be at work during those hours and there was no way around that obstacle. I guess I would just have to be satisfied with what she wanted to tell me.

The next day I fumbled around at work, unfocused and disorganized, barely getting through my busy schedule. I wondered what was happening at home, secretly hoping Jeanne would do it again.

“Hey Jeanne, did Peter have his fun today?” joked I when I got home.

“Well yeah! He certainly had that one, sir,” she said smiling. She was reading a newspaper and didn’t look up. “Do you want to hear it?”

“Shit, yes,” I said playfully.

“Well, it was pretty much a repeat of yesterday, except for one thing,” she said coyly.

“Then what!?” I asked.

“He didn’t work on his resume today. He just left it on his desk. I didn’t say anything about it. He just talked about this and that, nothing at all about his ex-girlfriend. We sat most of the morning after he got up. While he was watching TV I gave one of my famous handoffs.”

“Does he like it?” I asked stupidly.

“Duhh, yes,” she said like a wise schoolgirl. “I jerked the guy off, he came all over my shirt … my hair (she pointed to the towel on her head), and the couch. Yeah, I’d say he liked it… I can’t jerk this guy off anymore, I’m sorry.”

“What, why not? ” I asked.

Because he discharges too much cum.

“Because he discharges too much cum and I don’t want to spend all that time cleaning up. I’ll have to buy a tarp for the couch … or just switch to blowjobs,” she said rather comically. “Man, I hope that semen doesn’t have a lot of calories in it, because I’d get fat,” she joked. “After he cummed, I finally gave up cleaning with kitchen paper and took off my shirt because to use it as a rag to get it off his chest.”

Oh my God. My imagination was about to strike out. My delicate wife had been sitting topless next to a naked man with a huge cock. Her beautiful breasts were exposed to this young man staying at our home.

I excused myself to go to the bathroom. “I know what you’re doing in there,” she yelled as she banged on the door. “Why don’t you just come out and I’ll do it for you!”

I came out of the bathroom with my pants at my ankles and a sly grin on my face. “You read my mind, ” I said. I threw her on the bed and fucked my hot little wife drowsily.

“I think this is a win-win-win situation,” she said after our lovemaking.

“What do you mean?”

“Well,” she said, “Peter gets some satisfaction, it excites you that I’m jerking him off, and I…. I kind of like it, too!”

“What, the enthusiastic sex of me?”

“Well, yes, I like that, but I was also thinking about jerking Peter off. You’re pretty big bodied and I’ve always liked your size, in fact I like everything about you. But damn, that man is enormously well-endowed,” she said. “I like the way he feels in my hands,” she continued after a few moments. “I can’t even get my hands all the way around it.”

“How long is he?” I asked.

She looked at my aching stiff cock, took it in her hand and held the other hand about ten inches above the tip. “About that long,” she said, “and much thicker. There’s a big glans on it, too! I wonder why that girl broke up with him. Maybe she couldn’t handle that monster.”

In my mind I had sometimes wondered what it would be like to have such a porn star cock. How would those extra inches feel when he was jerked off?

“I think he’s a ​​nice guy. He has nice muscles. I saw them all today. He undressed completely when I started jerking him off. He only has a little bit of hair on his chest…. Oh, and his balls are huge!”

“Did you get excited when you jerked him off?” I asked.

“Well, I got excited and a little wet. It’s just a natural reaction. I’m not in love or anything. It’s just a lot of fun. I don’t think he’s going to try anything. I think he’ll be satisfied with the handoffs and maybe the occasional blowjob.”

“Well, I wouldn’t mind you doing that. I just hope he changes his mind and doesn’t leave until the busy season is over.”

When Peter arrived at work the next day to take over from me, he told me he had changed his mind and wanted to stay for the rest of the harvest season.

My mind wandered in thought about what Jeanne had done to this twenty-two-year-old this morning. I couldn’t wait to get home to talk to Jeanne and jerk off to relieve my aching cock.

I told Peter I was very glad he had changed his mind, but in my stomach was a knot of jealousy I felt completely engrossed in thoughts of my wife and him together, virtually naked, while she stroked his monster cock, or worse.

“I’m home,” I called out as soon as I got home. She came out of the bedroom, dressed in a bathrobe and a sly look on her face. “What’s up, big man?” she said.

We went straight to the bedroom and made love for over an hour, which is exceptional for us. I had never experienced her so horny before. I made her cum at least three times. It was great sex.

“Well, what happened today?” I asked as we lay recovering.

“You really want to know?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Well… I more or less blew Peter. And when I say more or less, I mean I could only get about a third of his cock in my mouth. Apparently he had never had a blow job before, because he came within about thirty seconds.”

“Did you swallow it all?” I asked as my mind went to a dark place.

“Most of it I tried to keep inside, he did squirt eight or nine times and some came on my shirt. I think he likes to deposit it on my shirt because he knows I’ll take it off then. His cum tastes a little different than yours.”

“Maybe because his semen still has semen in it,” I remarked.

“That could be it. It had a slightly different texture, a little thicker and especially a lot,” she added.

“Is that all that happened?” I asked.

“Well, no, not quite. We started a little earlier than the previous days, so we were chatting and watching TV after. He hadn’t put on his boxers and I hadn’t changed my shirt. He was getting very stiff again, so I jerked him off some more. He stood in front of me while I sat on the couch. He kept looking at my tits while I pulled on his cock and licked his pre-cum off his glans.

I have to be honest with you. I was so excited that I had to touch myself a little. Within minutes he was cumming all over my tits. I think he was enjoying the show. He had pretty good aim and I was able to get everything off my breasts with the t-shirt.”

“Well, did you enjoy it?” I asked.

“Yes, it was very nice. I just love his big cock. The rest of the time He was here I lay on the couch and played with it. We talked a lot and I really enjoyed getting to know him. Like I said before, he’s a really nice guy. He thinks I’m keeping this a secret. He has no idea that you know.”

“That’s good,” I said. “You know, if you keep playing with him like this, he’ll probably expect you to have sex with him.”

“Naaaaah, I don’t think it will come to that,” she said, then walked to the kitchen and started dinner.

“Do you think he’s really going to expect sex?” she asked as wena was cleaning up dinner.

“Well, a beautiful older woman is jerking him off and blowing him. He’ll probably try to have sex with you.”

“But he’s so shy. I just can’t imagine him trying anything,” she said.

“You’d be surprised what goes on in the minds of men. If women could read our minds, they’d beat us all day.”

She laughed at this and suddenly became serious. “Should I stop?” she asked. “And if I continue, should I have condoms ready in case he tries?”

My wife was actually talking about the possibility of having sex with another man. “I don’t think he has any scary diseases and he takes good care of himself,” I sputtered.

“No,” she said, “I can still get pregnant, dummy! I’m sure he’s firing sharp ammunition!”

I had had a vasectomy twenty years ago after our only child turned two. “Well, then condoms would be a wise idea,” I said as I tried to get comfortable with the situation.

In my mind, I wanted more than anything for her to be royally screwed by this well-made stud. I had no intention of stopping them from continuing their little adventures.

“Should I take the regular one or that Magnum-sized one?” she giggled as she held her hands about thirty inches apart. “I’ll just take one of each just in case!”

The conversation seemed to indicate that sex with Peter was a good possibility and that she had no serious objections. She still said it would probably never happen, that he would be satisfied with oral sex.

About a month went by with similar stories about Jeanne giving Peter blowjobs. She seemed to be having fun and I was rewarded with enthusiastic sex and erotic stories about Peter and his amazing cock. But suddenly things changed.

“Honey, Peter is feeling a little more comfortable with me,” Jeanne announced. “He groped me today. He fingered me. He fingered me and I came on his hand. I’m sorry, I told you I would tell you everything.”

“Jeanne, that’s fine with me, I mean, you had his cock in your mouth!”

“I know, Steven, I just felt a little guilty. I liked it. I get really wet when I give him a blow job…. And another thing…”

My heart skipped a beat. “What?” I stuttered.

“He kissed me hard on my mouth while he was doing it. Does that bother you? I mean, isn’t kissing a little different?”

“Well, I don’t know. It’s normal for a man to want to kiss you while he’s doing things like that to you.”

“Okay, I’m just checking it out. I don’t want to get too carried away. I really enjoy waking up, going to his bed and fooling around a little bit. It’s been a lot of fun in the mornings.”

“Just don’t make babies, that’s all I ask,” I said.

“Oh, I promise I’ll be careful. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets a little heavier. He keeps getting into my panties, his big hands feel good.”

I began to wonder if I could stop this if I wanted to. But I got the best sex of my life, I was drunk with lust and had a strange desire that she would indeed sleep with Peter.

It was about a week later and I came home from work. Jeanne was gone. I decided to go into Peter’s room to see what was there. The bed was in a messy state, there were semen stains on the sheets and I think I saw one on the pillow as well.

The drawer of the nightstand was partially open and I saw a box with XL-sized condoms in it. The box was open. I got a head scratch as I imagined what might have happened there today. Was Jeanne keeping things from me?

Then I heard a car in the driveway. Moments later, Jeanne came in with some groceries and I met her at the door. We exchanged small talk before I made eye contact with her. She saw the expression on my face as if she had been caught. “Did you and Peter have sex?” I asked.

She fell silent for a few moments, then took a deep breath. “Would you be upset if we did indeed?” she asked.

“I, um, I’m not sure, I don’t think so.”

“It got pretty heavy this morning when we woke up. I crawled into bed with him after you left for work. I was only wearing a long t-shirt and no panties this morning. He was still asleep and I fell asleep again too.

But I woke up with him on top of me. He took off my shirt and licked my nipples. Oh, it felt good. He rubbed his cock against my pussy. He made me so wet that I just gushed. I got that butterfly feeling in my stomach and I didn’t feel like I was in control of the situation anymore.

When he tried to put his cock in mine, I stopped him. The sight of his cock between my legs, I don’t know what came over me honey, I’m sorry. Please don’t divorce me.”

“Did he have a condom on?” I asked with bated breath.

cuckolding with the worker

“No, but I came to my senses and I remembered how you and I talked about the condoms. I excused myself, walked to our bedroom and grabbed the box of condoms I had bought.

When I came with the condoms he told me that he had no STDs, had. I told him I could get pregnant.

He understood so I helped him roll the condom over. Oh, needs the Magnums, by the way. He got on top of me again and when he put his cock on my belly, I realized that thing came up to my belly button!”

By this time I was intoxicated by the image in my head of his huge cock touching my wife’s beautiful white skin, her neatly trimmed pussy coming in contact with his balls and her glistening labia making the base of his shaft wet and ready to fuck.

“I got scared,” Jeanne said. “I really never measured him before and I got scared I couldn’t handle him. I let him put his glans inside me and then I froze, even though I was horny as a rabbit. I asked him to wait.”

“But did you fuck Peter now or not?” I asked impatiently.

“Well, we just stayed like that for a minute ​​while I watched that glorious cock penetrate my pussy. He started moving in and out a little, but he didn’t put everything inside me, he did very carefully, he didn’t force it on me. He finally lowered the rest of his shaft into me, until he was inside me up to his balls. I couldn’t believe I could take it all! Honey, I’m sorry, I love you, but he felt great.

He didn’t last long, he soon began to cum. He pushed it into me and I felt it squirt into me. I came on da thing too, I couldn’t help it.”

I sat there on the couch and tried to think of something to say…. My cock was stiff as a rock, I almost cum in my pants at that moment. I had secretly longed for Peter to fuck my wife, for her to get his huge cock inside her. Smiling, I led her to the bedroom and we spent the next two hours having sex like animals.

The next day Jeanne told me they had done it again, only this time he lasted much longer and made her cum twice. They did it in the missionary and spooning position, which is my favorite. She said she especially liked the spooning position because he reached around her and rubbed her pussy while he pounded into her. she emphasized the word pounded.

“Honey, do you mind if I go on the pill?” she asked a few days later. She had been waiting for me at the door when I got home from work.

“What!” I exclaimed. “Are the condoms no longer for you?”

“Well, sea were out, we’ve already emptied three boxes. I told him today that we couldn’t have sex. But he talked me into it. He promised to back off, which he did. It seems no matter how many times that boy cums, he has continued to discharge huge loads. I had to wash the sheets!”

So there I was, my wife had what seemed like a permanent sexual relationship with another man, so much so that she was willing to go on the pill

“Well, I asked you not to make babies,” I said.

“I really like the way he felt without that condom and he likes it too. He’s gotten to the point where he can last much longer than before. We fucked for almost two hours straight today! I’m pretty sore.”

I wasn’t able to get sex from her today because she was too tired. She crawled into bed with me and reminded me that although she longed for Peter, he was no substitute for her true love which was me.

Jeanne went to the doctor later that week and began her birth control. She had about three weeks before she could safely let Peter fuck her without a condom. She no longer bought condoms. I guess she trusted Peter to withdraw when he came.

She reminded me of this one morning when Peter went to work. She was afraid Peter would want to fuck her that morning, which was true most mornings. I asked her to be careful with that big cock of his. Something dark in the back of my mind fed me with images of Peter groggily fucking my wife and filling her pussy with his virile cum.

“I really hope we didn’t make a baby today,” Jeanne said very casually as we lay in bed reading later that night.

“What?” gasped I.

“Well, Peter and I had sex this morning, without a condom.”

“Did he cum in you?” I cried as my head swam.

“Well, sort of… We were fucking (I rarely heard Jeanne refer to sex as fucking) and I asked him to pull out. We did it doggy style and I think he pulled it out in time, but he got all over my pussy. I suspect he squirted some in me too, it felt like that.

He penetrates me pretty deep, so I may not know if he did or not. When he cums he thumps pretty hard against my cervix. Peter can’t wait for the pill to take effect and for him to cum safely inside me. I also love to feel him cum in my pussy!”

Fortunately, Jeanne’s next period came and went and she was able to have wonderful sex without a condom with Peter. She seemed so happy and excited to tell me stories about what they were doing while I was at work, and I got to have sex almost every night.

I was somewhat comforted but at the same time disappointed that Peter only had a few months left before his job was up. I don’t think they were in love with each other, but I know Jeanne will miss him. She said she felt young as a teenager again with him.

The grain business has done so well this year that I might be able to hire him full-time. I just don’t know if I should.