During my work, I often secretly looked at a website with webcam girls. And some you can actually meet. So too on this disputed Monday. There was a woman on there who appealed to me greatly. It was about a young woman who was offered to be used by her boyfriend in front of the webcam. Hard, kinky sex. There was one picture with it, a blonde, slim young woman with a somewhat girlish body. A real picture to behold.

Using the message button, I sought contact, and I got a response from the young lady pretty quickly. I call her in this story Romanian Megan. She indicated that she liked to be used and that she had such a great need for sex that her boyfriend, with whom she had been together for a long time, agreed to let her do it. He also wanted to get acquainted through the mail.

Very soon, Megan and I switched to very horny short messages. She thinks it’s horny to be called a prostitute, and she also likes to hear what I have in mind for her. The contact went so smoothly that on the Friday in the same week we already had an appointment. Megan had found a nice location on Secret Rooms and I would pick her up at a nearby parking lot where her boyfriend would hand her over to me. After use, I would deliver her back there as well.

Secret meeting with Megan

When I saw her on our secret meeting, I could hardly believe it. What a nice little slut to see. The picture was horny, but when she came walking in a short winter jacket and stockings, I was immediately sold and sat in my car with a hard-on. She got in and we drove to the location. On the way, it turned out that she was very much looking forward to the date.

The location was easy to find, and the room was just right. She took off her coat and stood before me in a very short dress. I just handed her the money right away and instructed her to count it on the locker, so she had to bend over a bit and I could sit behind her on the edge of the bed. The dress slid up a bit and I decided to raise it further, after which I got a view of an insanely nice little ass. To my surprise, she had no panties on, so I could immediately see her delicious pussy. When I looked closely, I saw that she had a small butt plug in her ass. This was going to be a horny hour and a half, I knew.

After she counted the money, I threw her forward on the bed and immediately dove with my face between her buttocks. There I could lick her pussy nicely from behind while I had a view on her filled asshole. Her pussy tasted really great, and my tongue went in easily. She got really wet fast, so I knew she was really into this.

I decided to take the butt plug out of her starlet. That went great, and I then saw her beautiful pink butt hole. All clean and shiny and ready to be rimmed. Then I stuck a finger in it, which made her gasp. I decided to go a little harder on her.

My fingers deep in her poop hole.

My finger deep in her poop hole, the fingers of my other hand in her pussy. First two, then three and then four. I removed my finger from her asshole and grabbed the lube she had prepared. “You like it hard, right?” I asked. “Yes,” she moaned as she lay face down in the pillow. “Use me however you want, please.” I poured the lube over my hand, with which I was partially inside her warm, wet pussy. My thumb I added, and I slowly slid my hand into her delicious pussy. “Ouch, ouch, aaaahhhhh!!!!!” she screamed and began to squirm. I pushed down on her with my free hand, and with my other hand I made a fist while inside her.

I began to thrust slowly. Deeper and harder until half my forearm was in there, and I felt I didn’t have to go any deeper. “Aaahhhh, Aaahhhh….” I heard her scream. I decided to pull my arm back and take my soaking wet hand out again. I immediately put on a condom and inserted my cock into her pussy. Up to my balls. She was still lying on her stomach and I decided to fuck her good and deep. I am blessed with a pretty thick cock that is also fairly thick. But since my fist and arm had been in it, she could take it well. It felt wonderful.

When I had taken my cock out, I immediately stuck a finger in her ass again. She seemed to have trouble with that because she tried to turn away and moaned all the time. I pushed her back again and again to keep my finger in, and I knew that this was the hole in which I was going to cum.

I pulled her by her arms to the edge of the bed until she was lying with her head over it. Without hesitation, I started fucking her in the throat. It was very horny to feel my cock go into her mouth, which she was fine with, but when I really went down her throat, she started gagging and was getting stuffy.

I had to hold back her arms, or she would start pushing my back, and I let my cock sit in her throat up to my balls for a few seconds. When I pulled it out, she started vomiting. This encouraged me to repeat this action a few more times. Her face was all covered in spit and her makeup was running, which made her look like a cheaply abused heroin hooker.

She had brought a black dildo and I decided it was time to sandwich her. Unfortunately not with a man there, but that big dildo I would put all the way into her pussy, and then I would fill her tight poop hole with my cock. The dildo went in with difficulty to the end. I told her not to take it out.

The sound she then made cannot be described.

She obediently stayed on her stomach with her legs wide while I lubed up her starlet. I grabbed my cock and with great difficulty got it into her tight little asshole. The sound she then made cannot be described with a pen. It was like a wild animal. This turned me on terribly, after which I kept pushing the dildo well deep into her pussy while I was up to my balls 20 cm deep in her asshole. I thrust as hard and deep as I could, giving her a hard time. I told her that I wanted to deliver her back, completely abused and wrung out.

Not much later, I come into her divine starlet. What a seed came out. She remained lying there, exhausted, and asked if the dildo could be taken out. I allowed it, and she had to lie down for a while. We took a shower together. I asked her if I had treated her so well. She agreed. She said she really liked it when she was treated like an object. I was dominant enough in her opinion and had really used her well as a fuck slut.

I delivered her nicely again and was asked if she was willing to participate in a mini gangbang. She wanted to be tackled once by 6 men. And I was allowed to be one of the lucky ones! Of course, he got a resounding yes. This story will hopefully be online as soon as possible!

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