She is in love with her sister-in-law, and one night she asks her if she has ever had girl sex. The photo is of a 32-year-old Asian woman, she just has perfect breasts and such nice green shorts….

We were very close, my husband, John, his brother, Michael, my sister-in-law Alana and then me. Somehow all three of us were in love with Alana, no, all three of us loved her. Michael was the lucky one, he was married to her; John cast long looks at her except when I was around because that didn’t work and then there was me. The two men never understood a s… and then it was probably me who was the hardest hit.

It was hard to put a finger on what was so special about her, but once you got her to open up a bit, and that was hard for many, you couldn’t help but love her. Michael couldn’t say no to her at all, but he also had a woman who really kept his life in order, especially his two lovely boys. John has a very weak spot with Alana; I think he has been seriously in love with her, but has realized that it couldn’t come to anything and therefore lets his love express itself differently.

I kept my feelings for her inside myself

And then there’s myself. I kept my feelings for her inside myself; John is a wonderful man just like his brother, but I was afraid that if I took Alana away from them, too much would break. I really love John; well, as much as you can love a man now; it’s not easy, because there’s so much they don’t understand about us girls, but both he and I wanted children and so it’s easiest with a man.

It wasn’t just mentally I was attracted to Alana, it was physically too. We’re both good looking, but she’s definitely more feminine than me. I played handball for many years and have seen many girls in the shower room, but Alana to me was the perfect human being, especially the way her breasts would quiver when she went without a bra under her blouse on the rare occasion – Wow.

My problem, you guessed it, is that I could never decide whether I was more into girls or more into men. Half of my handball team had been declared lesbians, some were outright misogynists and hated men, others, like me, liked both men and girls, whether as company or as lovers, and then a few who were completely out there and only liked men ;-).

All this John, Alana and Michael knew nothing about, nor should they, for that was my past. Unfortunately, I have found it difficult to know how others react to my bisexuality, so now I just keep it to myself.

The fact was that I was married to John, jealous of Michael and, in heartbreaking secret, madly in love with Alana.

John and Michael played tennis and were so into it that from time to time they went out to watch tennis matches both at home and abroad. Alana and I giggled about it, but of course they should be allowed to have time off once in a while, and then she and I could suitably snuggle up together and talk girl stuff all night. We mostly did it at Alana’s place, because she had to look after Michael’s boys. They had a dream of a new house with a parent end and a child end, and when the boys had gone to sleep, we would find ourselves using the spa in the parent bathroom before we lay down to talk, because we didn’t sleep much, in their huge double bed.

That night was no exception: we had a delicious meal and then played some cards with the boys before they disappeared into their computers. Alana had noticed that they had started searching for “educational videos” and we had a giggle about that, boys will be boys – no matter how old they are or how much of a man they think they have become.

We were a bit silly

We were a bit silly and I felt like red wine and even though Alana doesn’t usually drink she wanted to have a glass with me. One turned into four and when the bottle was empty Alana was a completely different person, witty, brave, quick-witted and very direct. It was rare that this happened, but from my side definitely not unexpected. John had once said that she became very attractive when she had something to drink, and it was true, because she almost radiated celebration and joy. Michael had once spoken out of turn and said that a small drunk Alana was a great sex partner with a rather low boiling point, so the desire for a glass of red wine was not just to relax…

Alana is much younger than Michael, but they get on well. I once asked her point-blank what she would do when Michael got old and weak, and she replied without hesitation that she would look after him as best she could and when she was widowed, sit back contentedly and remember the good years they had had. I couldn’t answer at all, the tears were in my eyes and the hairs stood up on the back of my neck, but that’s Alana in a nutshell: 110% commitment and no crying over spilled milk. I felt a little ashamed because I had never thought so clearly about what would happen to John and me when we got old.

Anyway, the boys had disappeared into their rooms and Alana and I were sitting on the sofa with each of our glasses of red wine. We had for God’s sake discussed John’s and my project of having children, now we had been at it for almost a year. I had turned 32 and had been told that it would be difficult, and it might be the end of the road. I know that Alana would also have loved to be a mother; she and I are almost the same age, but Michael had been sterilized, so it was just impossible.

We discussed again how often to do it; Alana insisted on a couple of days break between intercourse, while I (and John) insisted on just having sex, especially around ovulation. When Alana then insisted that this meant that there was too little sperm in the portions, I stopped arguing, realizing that she had perhaps put more thought into the matter than I had. The thought crossed my mind again about Alana and children, why did she care so much when it was impossible, and she had realized it?

Alana’s theory might explain why John and I hadn’t been lucky after all, so I smiled at her and said I’d try that, but she wasn’t finished. She felt that her orgasms were stronger if there were a few days in between, and that there was something about the orgasm soaking the sperm into the womb. That way, she thought there would be the best chances.

My best orgasms also come when I’m very horny myself

Usually talking sex with Alana doesn’t move me, mostly she asks me for advice, she doesn’t have much experience to draw on and, I think, doesn’t dare to take much initiative. This time it was a little different, she somehow had a little closer contact with me and seemed to ask a little deeper about my experiences than she used to. I thought it was the red wine.

Surprisingly, I realized that I had felt the urge to have sex; my body was hot, my breasts began to tense and my lower abdomen to swirl. A little annoyed, I had to admit that nothing came of it. Alana was in the process of telling, with red frantic cheeks, how Michael had taken her from behind in the kitchen recently. It was obviously big for her, and I suppressed an urge to tell her that John and I had done it in a toilet the last time the four of us were at an art exhibition.

She continued, and my thoughts drifted a bit away and over to the quickie we had there. Of course, I didn’t come, but John was nowhere to be seen, so my goodness. Luckily he was able to do a proper one again when we got home, that would have actually been pretty good for me as he could last a really long time. Again I felt my abdomen trying to yell at me as I realized she was sitting there waiting for me to answer something.

If I had tried girl sex

I had to excuse myself and ask her to repeat the question, shocked to hear her ask as she looked intently at me if I had tried girl sex. It was so surprising that I got all embarrassed and red in the face and made up a story that I had tried it once as a teenager. Alana sat and smiled at me quietly, waiting for me to finish. I fumbled around and the story I had made up on the spot didn’t make sense at all, I could tell by looking at her, she is so sharp.

Then she leaned forward and whispered that there was nothing to be ashamed of. She went on to say that she had had a friend who she had been in love with as a teenager, but hadn’t dared to ask. I couldn’t answer and found that she had put a hand on my leg. I looked down at it and she moved it; then I took and put it back.

My heart was hammering away, and I think she could see it because she smiled her Mona Lisa smile and put her hand up to my neck and found the artery, it didn’t help at all. Then she told me not to be afraid, and I stammered out that I wasn’t either. I couldn’t think of anything to do, I wanted her so much, but didn’t know if she was aware of what she had set in motion. We sat for a few minutes without saying anything, I squeezed her hand and she gently caressed my neck and throat.

She had taken her clothes off

I was the one who ruined the moment by suggesting we go to the spa. Alana nodded, got up and was herself again, the very practical woman that she is, and started to carry the dishes into the kitchen. I cursed a little and staggered on shaky legs to the bathroom and automatically started to undress and put soap and water in the spa. Alana came out to me and fiddled with her jewelry. She squinted a little unusually at my breasts while I brushed my teeth. She had taken her clothes off so that, like myself, she was just wearing a pair of panties.

Before I could anticipate, she stood up behind me and reached around, weighing my breasts in her hands, wanting to know if they weren’t firmer than hers. Time stood completely still, and I looked at myself in the mirror with her behind me without being able to say a sensible word other than “No, do you think?”. Then she released me and stood beside me, weighing her own breasts in her hands. I could feel myself getting seriously wet, and my whole abdomen started to quiver. She took my hand and brought it up to her breast, and I felt the absolutely wonderful sensation of a woman’s breast, as soft and throbbing and inviting as a male member could ever be.

My own nipples began to grow

My own nipples began to grow and become sensitive, all in all the breasts began to tense significantly; Alana’s were not as large as mine, but beautiful and definitely very attractive; almost alluring to me. I was always envious of them, mine were just too big for my use, I had about 200 sports bras in the cupboard because hardly any of them could hold them up when I was playing handball or running. I know John is very proud of my boobs, but they are just a pair of boobs, and they don’t say anything about what I am as a person.

So I was always envious of the other handball girls’ little areolas and so was Alana’s; they were about a small B, but seductively pointed in shape and with a pair of perfectly proportioned nipples with nice big aureoles, not like my warts which were far too small for the big boxes. Her breasts also still had something maidenly about the way they bounced around when she wasn’t wearing a bra under her blouse – just the thing to take my breath away.

Still, I couldn’t figure out if what she was doing to me was an invitation to sex, or she was just curious and that it was the red wine that had made her brave. I needed a break, so I excused myself to go to the bathroom, and luckily she understood and disappeared into the bedroom.

I was very wet and super sensitive

I sat down on the toilet and couldn’t help but examine my lap. I was very wet and super sensitive. I would have to do something about it when she was asleep if she didn’t want to. I despaired a little, but if it was just for fun, I hoped she would fall asleep quickly. I closed my eyes and saw the image of Alana again, standing with my breasts in her hand. Then I heard that she was changing the bedding in the bedroom. I had once told her that I preferred perfectly clean bedding when I was going to make love and was sure she had remembered, at least that would be typical of her.

I finished up in the bathroom and called Alana and then slipped down to the spa. Alana came out, brushed her teeth and went into the shower to wash her hair. I had calmed down and was now just enjoying the atmosphere, what had to happen now had to happen, but I was determined to let her take the initiative; I wouldn’t do anything to put a shadow between us.

Alana came out and reached for the bath towel, and then remembered what she was doing and settled for drying her hair lightly. Finally, she came down to the spa to me. We sat in separate corners and enjoyed the warm water and the lovely smell. It’s not very big, so we bumped our right knees together and our right foot pressed against the other’s thigh. We didn’t usually talk much when we were in the spa, but still the silence was a bit tense; at least I thought so; Alana just sat with her eyes closed and relaxed with her head leaned back. She had slipped deep into the water and I could feel her hip against my thigh. I couldn’t figure out where to make of my right hand, but carelessly let it slide across her knees and down her thigh, feeling her do the same.

Then she opened her eyes and asked if I would tell the real story about my girl sex experience.

Time stood still, and I realized that she, of course, had me figured out. At the same time, I understood that she hadn’t guessed that it wasn’t a one-time thing. I forced myself to think it through. She waited patiently. Then I took a deep breath and said I had never told her about my past lovers when I was in a new relationship and hoped she would understand. She nodded silently. With my heart in my throat, I then said that I was very attracted to her, but that I was afraid of ruining something very nice.

She nodded again and then said that she felt the same way, but that she didn’t think we would spoil anything – on the contrary.

Tears welled up in my eyes, and I felt a tenderness and connection with her that I have never felt with any other person. At the same time, I knew that I could never have her for myself and that it was not up for discussion. She was a bit like a cat, no one is in charge of her, from time to time she lets her radiance hit someone she cares about, and then you just have to be there and enjoy the moment.

I leaned forward hoping for a kiss

There was nothing more to talk about now and I leaned forward hoping for a kiss. Instead, I got a hug and like another walrus had to change ends in the spa. It sloshed dangerously, and we laughed together at the chaos of the movement. Then her hands sought my breasts, and I leaned back and let her explore them. She was, as I expected, gentle and slow and I sighed deeply, hoping that soon she would become a little more direct and massage my waiting nipples, which were stroking out boldly against her. She finally murmured that she would have liked to have breasts like mine, I couldn’t help but laugh, and told her that I wanted breasts like hers, and we exploded in laughter as she dryly stated that unfortunately we couldn’t swap.

Then I felt her hand slide down my stomach, heading for my lap and I got all serious and dry in the mouth. I stopped her and asked if she really wanted this. She nodded and smiled at me and got up, wanting me to come to bed with her, but first we had to dry off. Alana has delicate skin and asked me if I would rub her with her cream. She had a naughty body, very feminine with wide hips and a super small waist. She stood and I knelt and started to rub her legs from below. I looked curiously up at her lap and could see her inner labia which were definitely moist, she had large outer lips which pressed lightly together around the small ones. She had almost no pubic hair, but not from shaving as far as I could tell.

As I moved up her legs, she became more and more tense, and began to breathe in and out in small shallow breaths. When I was right up to her lap, I stroked it lightly and was rewarded with a moan and a tug at her stomach lining. I got up and walked around behind her while putting more cream on my hands. Then I gave her neck and back a rub. I could see in the mirror that she had closed her eyes and that her nipples had finally perked up. I put some more cream on my hands and let my hands slide under her arms, which she immediately lifted. The hands continued relentlessly to her breasts, where I now did the same as she had done to me, weighing them in my hand without really caressing. She opened her eyes and stared helplessly at me in the mirror.

I moved my thumbs up to her nipples

I moved my thumbs up to her nipples and began to run them around a bit. Then I was panicking because she took one of my arms in her hands, but luckily only to bring it up to her mouth, where she moistened the thumb and put it back on her chest. This was repeated with the other thumb, and I could now slide smoothly around the nipples. She closed her eyes again and leaned against me, trying to get a hand on me, but unable to do anything but grab me on the balls.

We stood like that for a while until she took me by the hand and pulled me onto the bed. She had lit some candles which gave a very seductive warm light in the room and let herself fall on her back in the bed without letting go of me so I had to fall down next to her. Then she took my hand and whispered that she didn’t know how to do it, if I wouldn’t show her. There was nothing I would rather do!

When I’m with girls I prefer a 69, but opted out as too advanced for Alana; we could always try that. Instead, I started kissing her deeply on the mouth. I could feel it was hard for her, but suddenly she surrendered and answered my kisses again while she started caressing my one breast.

I started kissing down her body and also gave her breasts some attention before slowly continuing down her stomach. It was obviously too slow, because when I reached her navel and stuck my tongue into it, she pressed my head down against her lap. I could have used a tongue and a pair of hands, but put my own needs on the back burner; right now it was Alana’s turn, so I moved down between her legs as she pulled up and parted.

I kissed my way up her thighs and approached her lap, which was wide open, and silently whispered “Come here” to me. I let a finger slide in between her inner labia and felt the obvious wetness drifting around in there; she had been aroused for a long time. As I gently kissed around, I simultaneously used my hand to explore her and couldn’t help but try to push a finger up inside her.

My tongue then sought out her pleasure button

It was definitely a hit! I think it was just before she came, just with her finger. My tongue then sought out her pleasure button and ran back and forth over it, varying hard and soft. I looked up at her to make eye contact, but she was in a completely different world to me. Her eyes were closed completely, and she was nuzzling her nipples.

It hasn’t always been possible for me to give other girls orgasms without them helping in some way, but that didn’t seem to be the big problem with Alana: She was definitely used to oral sex and it seemed that she wanted something in her vagina at the same time, so I continued as I had started by licking and running a finger around up inside her.

She clearly had a very obvious g-spot, I soon found out and exploited to the fullest. In no time she was on the verge of orgasm with very strong contraction of the vaginal entrance and twitching of the stomach lining. Her aureoles, which had been swollen, subsided and instead her nipples stroked seductively. All this affected me too; I felt very proud and very horny to have put her in that condition and looked forward to having the same treatment later.

Gradually she lay very restlessly while I licked and massaged her inside, and in curiosity I exchanged the index finger for the middle finger and when it was wet with her copious juices I paused with my tongue and pressed both fingers up into her.

Wow – that drove her over the edge

Wow; that drove her over the edge, and she came in a terrific long-drawn-out orgasm; just as I thought she was now done and wanted to pull my fingers out she held on to my hand, and so I had to continue until she came again shortly after. And if she didn’t have another orgasm? I was deeply fascinated, I know how in one night I can come two, maybe three times myself, but this was crazy. I was mostly used to us coming in turns when I was with girls and was at a loss as to how to proceed, especially as Alana pulled me up to her for a fierce embrace. She had tears in her eyes and wanted to be held and cuddled, and slowly she calmed down and totally surprised me by falling completely asleep.

I was completely unprepared for this, but couldn’t bring myself to do anything about it right away; instead I lay and caressed my breasts a little while watching Alana whose breasts were rising silently with her breathing. I reached over to touch them, but still couldn’t bring myself to do so, then I remembered her orgasm and got all prickly and my free hand caressed my breast where the wart immediately became super sensitive and sent naughty signals to my abdomen.

I closed my eyes and let my hand slide down over my stomach, imagining it was Alana’s hand. It wasn’t far from my chest to my lap and the hand awkwardly started caressing my lap with a flat hand before lying flat on my back and parting my legs completely so that it was wide open and a probing finger could sink unhindered between my labia. It took the trip down the opening and collected the fluid and slid up over the sensitive knob, circled once or twice and then repeated. The other hand had a breast in it and a little later a hard wart between index and thumb.

I was so aroused that the heat spread almost instantly through my body, and that lovely tickling sensation I get before orgasm began to spread in waves from my abdomen. I sought release because I really needed it in the same way as when I had been with a man who couldn’t hold out until I had come and then fallen asleep – I would have just done it myself.

Hands switched places

Hands switched places and I couldn’t help but take it from my lap up to my nose to smell myself. Inspired by Alana, I pressed a finger up and searched for pleasure there but didn’t immediately find anything and thought it didn’t matter; it was safer to just carry on as usual, so I did and massaged more intensely. My breathing must have been heavy, but I didn’t notice anything and continued to massage.

It built up to a big bang and was quite tense, especially in the vagina, but my breasts were also well involved. Both my nipples were being sucked and nuzzled, and I again had a finger up while rubbing.

Hey, wait a minute, that was too many hands! Alana had woken up and with shiny eyes and half-open mouth had started with me. I smiled at her and wanted to explain, but she shook her head and stuck two fingers up into me, so I could really feel that my vaginal entrance, like hers, was a big vibrating sensitive knot. I was ready for girl sex.

Now she was awake, I wanted her to lick me, so I took her head and pressed down against my sex. She had no doubt at all what I meant and willingly lay between my legs and continued with her fingers inside me as she began to lick me a little awkwardly. At first, she used the tip of her tongue, but then switched to using a wide and soft tongue in long, sensitive and tingling licks.

I couldn’t wait any longer

I couldn’t wait any longer and finally felt the orgasm which started with further heat throughout my body and a tickling sensation from tip of toe to roots of hair and then finally the redemptive throbbing series of joyously powerful contractions in my lower abdomen which coincided with my heartbeat and eventually engulfed my whole body.

I was completely lost and when I came to Alana was again lying next to me with a loving smile.

The feeling of mutual love and tenderness was absolutely amazing; Alana was beaming with happiness and I must have done the same. Then she got serious and wanted me to promise not to tell John. Here I couldn’t help laughing, even though Alana looked somewhat strange. I had to explain that if I told John what we had done, he would get an erection that wouldn’t go away until he had fucked me all night. Alana was still disoriented and I had to explain to her that men turn on unreasonably violently at the thought of two girls together. But just to reassure her I promised it would stay between us.

Alana crawled into my embrace again and wanted to be held. We lay there for a while, words unnecessary; then I felt one of her hands start to run up and down my back, and I realized that we were going to make love again. Maybe for the last time, but why worry about that?