I usually join her upstairs on the second floor at my leisure, a quick kiss on her cheek and then I walk to the living room. Lina is then in the kitchen making a cup of tea. When the tea is ready, we catch up in the living room. Often it’s about family troubles, work, but also current events. Lina usually wears a dress with nice stockings and lately also shoes with high heels.

She loves nice shoes, but what woman doesn’t. Many women are put on a real ration by their husbands, because otherwise the closets are completely bulging. Often we also go over her accounting and tax status as a small business owner. We then go through the pieces, she fires off questions or me and I, where I can, contribute solutions. Today there is an error in a worksheet. I sit down behind her laptop. She stands next to tight to me and I enthusiastically rub a hand on her leg toward her crotch.

The beautiful woman Lina grabs my hand.

She quickly grabs my hand, however, and puts it back on the keyboard. We don’t look at each other; the message is clear. I remove the error and sit back down at the dinner table. The conversation ripples on and half an hour and 2 cups of tea later, I am about to leave. Three good kisses on her cheeks ahead. I want more, but don’t show it. Not today either. She doesn’t have a steady boyfriend, does have many girlfriends and good contact with her mother and brothers.

We never discuss intimacies, also because I am not particularly attracted to her. And what she thinks of me, well I don’t really know. Although, the way she sometimes looks at me does suggest something nice. When business is done and Lina is staring ahead, I feel the need to break the silence.

You know, last week I did something I’ve never done in my entire life. And it was to promote my body hygiene, I add. She looks at me questioningly and wants to know the details from me. I tell her that last week I shaved my scrotum and my penis with a blade for the first time. She squints her eyes wide open and looks at me not understanding. So I quickly laugh the story off and change the subject. Lina sits on the edge of her seat and asks me why I did it. Oh well, I say, I had read somewhere that it’s just very hygienic and it looks sleek too.

Besides, I have to confess that shaving made me horny. Lina wants to know if it worked out well and I agree. I have been shaving myself for a long time. She informs me, because a tight abdomen feels very nice. Only lately I have the feeling, that I do it exclusively for myself, because no one ever gets to see the result. Well, then I hereby invite you to show me your clean-shaven belly, I quickly bounce back. She looks at me blushing and says there can be no question of that.

OK, I laugh and suggest that I show her my penis, if she also comes up with her belly. I make preparations by standing up, but she waves the suggestion away and forbids me to pull open my zipper on my jeans. She offers to get another cup of tea from the kitchen. I agree and wait somewhat excitedly for the approaching thirst quencher. It takes a few minutes and then Lina re-enters the room. Something has changed. She has taken off her dress and is wearing a shiny black body. Her lips are now painted bright red and black fishnet stockings complete the sexy outfit. I look at her dumbfounded and extend my hands to her. She approaches me. Carefully parks the cups on the table and cautiously sits down on my lap.

I put my arms around her hips and gently press her against me. She turns her head toward me and teasingly places several small kisses on my cheek and finally finishes on my mouth. Not much later, she slowly pushes her tongue inside me. Her pointed tongue swirls around like a rocket and I don’t let up either. Lina kisses with passion and grabs my face so as not to lose her booty. I slide a hand onto her breasts. However, the ribs prevent me from lifting her white breasts above the shiny fabric. I don’t force anything and sensitively rub her warm breasts. I notice that she loves it.

I push the legs from this woman apart.

Then I place a hand on her thigh and push her legs apart slightly. This is allowed, because Lina sits down. Exasperatingly slowly, I remove the nylon stockings. Very quietly, but according to plan, I crawl further and further up with my searching fingers. Lina glows and I slowly slide my hand up to her warm crotch. Back again and then again gently against the warm fabric. I feel a lacy edge and increase the tension by touching her crotch more and more often. And also harder and harder. Lina kisses like mad, and I discover that in her lingerie there are 2 snaps, hiding something beautiful. When Lina takes a breath,I put my hand on the snap, wiggling a finger along the lacy edge.

I feel shaved skin and touch her labia. I gently pull it tight and briefly slip my finger into her moist pussy. I continue the search by groping her labia and turn small circles with my finger. I have an erection in my jeans, and Lina gently slides her buttocks over the bulge. I withdraw my finger, which got pinched in her crotch, and quickly undo the buttons. The fabric was stretched on her belly, and so the front panel jumps up. I lift the pledge further and see Lina’s beautifully shaved vagina. She looks at me and says, see, it’s right huh. I smile and compliment her on her tight tummy, which has a gossamer fringe of hair cut on it. I rub hard on her cunt and slide a finger in, followed soon after by a second finger. Her wet cunt can take it and I rag hard with my finger through her love cave. She moans and squeezes my body hard.

She cums on my vigorous movements. With a deep sigh, she drops her head back and staggeringly seeks support on my chest. Lina gets up lazily, loosens my belt and unbuckles it. The button of my pants splashes open and Lina quickly pushes the zipper down. She pulls me upright for a moment, making room to lash the pants off my buttocks. My panties spontaneously go with them and my penis immediately stands straight up. Now it’s Lina’s turn to show her admiration. She takes my swollen scrotum in her hand and says it feels wonderful. She gently rubs my penis. The glans towers up and Lina taps my sensitivity with her index finger. I moan and by now have also slid another finger into her moist vagina. Now I move my fingers back and forth much more carefully. Lina is already moaning in turn.

What a horny chick she is. I didn’t expect that at all. I think she could cum all day long. Lina pulls me up and leads me to her bedroom. As I walk behind her, I tug on her back on the string that holds the bustier in place. The panels slide apart and I take over the falling garment from Lina before it falls to the floor. Her slender white body is all for me as she turns so I can kiss her breasts. I lick her nipples and she says it makes her very horny. Even hornier, I can hardly imagine. I suck the B cups all the way up.

Lina holds my hair and let out her horniness. Lina unbuttons my shirt and works the shirt to the floor. She lovingly ruffles my chest hair and fondles my swollen nipples. I lean in after my sucking on her nipples, my head resting heavily on her shoulder, and Lina calmly slides onto the bed. I slide on and we embrace each other intimately. Passionately, without inhibitions. SHE claws at my back with her nails and squeezes her buttocks hard. She cringes in pain for a moment, but quickly recovers and encourages me to rip her apart completely. Lina also kisses like mad again, and I pump two fingers through into her wet vagina. She cradles her lower body, begins to breathe heavily and comes again gurgling. I finger her clitoris and work her G-spot, and soon Lina is ready for her third orgasm. Lying on her back, she puffs out for a moment and I lick her earlobe. I whisper if she wants to be fondled.

Gladly, she looks at me happily. I slowly kiss down along her nipples and tight belly. Lina puts her legs further apart so I can put my tongue on her pink bud. With my tongue and fingers, I work every pleasure spot on her. She moans that I am so horny and that is reason for me to wallow longer in her warm cave. With a big jolt, she comes again and stays in the pillows with a broad smile. I stick a soaking wet finger in her mouth, she obediently licks her own moisture from my fingers. Meanwhile, she still has a firm grip on my penis and rhythmically pulls on my pleasure pole. I whisper a request song in her ear. She smiles spontaneously and says she is happy to suck me. Lina crawls down, kissing me. She lovingly licks my tight scrotum and sucks a ball into her greedy mouth. She licks my buttock and now massages both balls. A woman has never done that to me before.

What a fantastic feeling, I whisper, and she says she likes doing it because I have shaved so smoothly. Too few men take good care of themselves there, she says and sucks on the smooth scrotum again. While licking, she arrives at my penis. She puts the red, shiny glans on her splayed spout mouth. She rolls her tongue over my slit and I become ecstatic. Excruciatingly slowly, her lips slide over my glans and she takes my member deeper and deeper into her mouth. She goes much deeper than I am used to. What a horny bitch, it shoots through my mind.

When this woman gets up to speed, there really is no stopping her. What passion. And she doesn’t know when to stop. She doesn’t even count her orgasms, she says later. I just have one big orgasm and it goes on and on. Without interruption, actually, at least when I have a nice bed partner who also does his best for me. What a pity that this woman gets so little pleasure, I think later.

I almost burst apart when she pumps her sucking mouth further and further around my glans, but manages to postpone my ejaculation a little longer. But as Lina continues to pump tightly up and down, massaging everything she encounters, my seed is still soon in her steaming mouth. Lina sucks me all the way out and swallows my calories without delay. I go crazy with this woman and pull her hair. She smiles furtively as she lies back down next to me moments later and delivers a warm tongue kiss as the crowning touch. We shower languidly in her new shower stall and dry each other off lovingly.

She shows me another bright yellow lacy lingerie set and then quickly shoots on a summer dress before my penis can spring back into action. When I return to the living room, a glass of fresh orange juice is waiting for me. Lina is bent at the desk, searching the floor in a box for matching shoes. I am looking for my briefs and jeans that should be around here somewhere. The sight of her tight buttocks immediately produces an erection. She hasn’t heard me coming and is searching with concentration. I grab her by her hips and pull her toward me. She flinches for a moment, but cooperates. I grab my hard penis and quickly push it against the dress between her buttocks. She looks back and smiles. I lift the fabric and push my penis further forward. I feel the bright yellow panties.

May I, I ask gallantly and after her nod, I pull the pretty panties away from her tight buttocks. Lina wants to be fucked, as she moves her ass deeper toward me. I insert my penis into her still soaking wet pussy and we dance rhythmically, somewhat subdued to a new orgasm. I have pulled the dress back into place so that our movements are not visible to unwanted viewers. This makes it look like a sneaky action, and that makes it even hornier. Lina jerks her buttocks as I squirt my cum deep into her slick pussy. She too has cum and is writhing her ass with pleasure. Very carefully, I pull my cock out of her vagina. She catches the dripping fluid with the tissues lying on her desk.

When she is dry, she turns around and neatly wipes my penis dry as well. When the polish is finished, she quickly kisses my glans and compliments the owner for the vigorous lovemaking. Then Lina plants a fierce kiss on my mouth. We hug each other vigorously and I have the impression that she can’t stay away from me anymore. After the fresh gravy, I kiss her on the back of her neck in parting and she suggests that from now on my administrative support will be settled with me in nature. I can’t say no to that and descend from 2-high and disappear contentedly into the city bustle.

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