It has actually been quiet for me for a while. Sometimes you have these periods when things are not going well and the urge to have sex is much less. But well, nature decides, so this blonde is open to negotiate her affection. No, I don’t look at every man shyly, but I don’t avoid the opportunity when it comes. Ok, I am honest, also the financial side is welcome, because studying is still not free. I can buy new lingerie sets, because with them I can wrap almost every man around my finger. Then my 85 C cup and body will do the rest. Well, I’m getting ready to go out again tonight. And yes, I’ll see what happens … So the well-known and proven recipe, eyes nice and dark, red lips.

Blouse pretty open, so my breasts are clearly visible. My hair nice and loose. Underneath a short skirt and nice stockings. Of course pumps with rather high heels, although that goes pussy. I take an Uber to the boulevard so I can drink or go somewhere I ended up. Given the hot weather, I could have gone by bike, but since I’m hoping to have sex with someone, that doesn’t seem like a good idea anyway. Of course, what I am doing is not completely harmless, there are always weirdos around, but hey, money is money. When I arrive at the bar where I often go, it is already crowded. I open the door and it’s like, “Hey, Miss Taylor, nice girl, come sit down. As I walk to the bar, I smile at Frank. A well-built man, but unfortunately he was not at the front of the line when the cocks were handed out. Insiders call me Miss Taylor because I like to do it in French.

Once there was a French porn movie with Taylor as an actress when I had sex like that with 2 students. I have had that nickname ever since. My name is just Jennifer. “Zoo,” says Frank, whom I had spoiled before. “That was a while ago, how nice. Would you like a drink?” Of course I don’t turn down a free drink, so I soon have a glass of white wine in front of me. This is the advantage of being a woman: if you are clever, you will be offered everything. As far as that goes, men are easy to play with… “Hi Frank,” I replied, “yeah, it’s been a while, but well, you know how it goes, don’t you? Busy busy busy”. While I’m talking to him, I see that his eyes are looking a little lower than where my eyes are, hoping that I won’t notice. “When are you coming over to my house again to watch Netflix,” Frank asks, “you know I really appreciate it.

And yes, for your other qualities too,” he winks at me. “I’ll think about it, Frank, but don’t promise anything. As I say this, I feel like getting fucked again, but Frank, despite his fine body, unfortunately does not have the greatest sex. And to be honest, I need a big fat cock. One that really fills you up and not one that rattles against the sides. Just thinking about this big one makes my pussy wet and I feel my panties sticking to my body. Mmmm that is a nice feeling to have again. I’m getting hornier by the minute but I don’t let it show. Frank turns around me like a moth to a light bulb.

With my drink still in my hand I tell Frank that I have to meet my girlfriend and I will catch up with him later. I walk up to a random woman and ask if I can sit with her. She waves that it’s okay. “Thanks,” I say, “I had to get rid of Frank, I don’t feel like him for a while. “Oh, Jennifer,” I say, holding out my hand. With her beautiful eyes she introduces herself as Jasmine. She is not that tall, has raven black hair and beautiful toned skin.(and I think she is very pretty.,) “Sit down,” Jasmine says, “haha you had to dump someone for sure? I already saw that guy so glued to you.”

I sit down and say that was indeed the case, “yes, that’s Frank, but now I don’t need him for a while. “But wait, then why did he call you Taylor?” And Jasmine looks at me in surprise. “Oh, ehhh, yeah, that’s another story,” I replied, hesitating whether to tell it or not. But it burned on my lips to do it anyway. After all, women among women… So I tell her how it happened. This part of oral sex seems to appeal to her, because with her body language she makes it clear that she likes it. And not only with her body, because she says, “It’s nice that you like oral sex as much as I do.

“She grabs my hand and asks, “Have you ever done this with a woman?” She has small hands, slender fingers and her nails are nicely manicured and painted red. It feels very different from a man’s hand, of course. But the effect somehow overwhelms me. It feels nice … “No, I have never done it, but I have thought about it, why?” I answer. Jasmine waits a moment before answering and looks at me.

“Well, to be honest, I am a lover of women,” she continues, “and I find you an attractive woman, and maybe you are open to it? Well, by now I am used to having sex with people I would not seek out (like I said, money is money), so the threshold is pretty low. But a woman, this is new to me. We keep looking at each other and thoughts race through my head. Then I see her say the word “please” without a sound. “Okay,” I say, “but I’m not promising anything, I don’t know how far I’ll go and if you’ll like it. Jasmine smiles her teeth.

“Oh, great, you’re going to like this, really.” As she stands, she moves her upper body towards me so that her breasts are clearly visible to me and looks at me. She licks her lips and gestures if I want another drink, which I answer with a yes please. I watch her walk towards the bar, but now with a different perspective. What would she look like naked, what would her skin feel like? Mmmm My curiosity about her is growing, I notice. She is so different now. Jasmine comes back and sits down next to me. She hands me the glass and toasts our acquaintance. We talk a little about ourselves and gradually the tone becomes more sensual.

Jasmine touches me more and more, her soft hands feel wonderful on my skin. Often she touches my arms, but then she lets her hand slide down my cheek. She comes towards me with her head. I see her eyes looking at my mouth and before I know it, I feel her warm lips on mine. An unexpected wave of pleasure runs through my body. I answer her tongue kiss and let her into my mouth. Mmmmm, this is….so nice. With my hands on her upper arms, we kiss some more. It feels as if the world around us disappears and we only have eyes for each other.

My lust for her, something I didn’t think was possible for a woman, continues and grows. She must have felt it because soon she asks me if we can go to her house. “Sure,” I answer, “but first I’m going to the bathroom.” We both go, but I have to wait in the hallway because it is occupied. Then I feel Jasmine come up behind me, her arms around me. Her hands on my breasts. Oehhhh, what a horny feeling this is..ohhhh,. I turn around and kiss her full on the mouth again…When the toilet is empty I go in and am back quickly. “Ready to go?” Jasmine asks.

I nod and we walk to the front door. I see Frank looking at us out of the corner of my eye, but I pretend not to see him. The feeling of scoring a guy has been completely erased by what Jasmine’s feelings have given me. Together we walk down the boulevard towards the apartments behind it. She walks ahead of me into the porch and pushes the button for the elevator. While we are waiting, Jasmine gives me another tongue kiss…and again that fine feeling of her soft lips on mine, her hands on my skin…oehhhh. Now I can smell her perfume, which has a hint of coconut. The elevator comes and we make room for those coming out before we enter the elevator. As we enter, I can’t resist putting my hand on her jeans, which are wonderfully tight around her butt. Since someone is still in the elevator, Jasmine can’t really react.

She only looks at me through the mirror and opens her dark eyes a little. …. Together we get out of the elevator on the 3rd floor and walk up the gallery to her front door. Jasmine looks back defiantly and gestures for me to follow her, so I follow her into the apartment. She grabs me by my blouse and pulls me into the bedroom, making me sit on the bed. “So girl, watch and enjoy…” she says as she takes off her pumps. She looks at me and begins to unbutton her blouse. Agonizingly slowly, button after button comes undone. Then she slides the blouse over one shoulder, her head now slightly lowered, and licks her lips with her tongue. Then the other shoulder follows and she lets the blouse fall to the floor.

Her smooth brown skin shows more and more and the black half-cup bra accentuates her breasts so beautifully. The body curves beautifully. God, how beautiful she is. I can feel her getting wet underneath. Jasmine slides her hands over her breasts, waist and hips. Oehhh, she is starting to drive me crazy with desire. I feel very attracted to her, so nice, so exciting. Then she opens her pants, I am still on the bed, but in the meantime I slide to the edge. Closer and closer to Jasmin. The zipper goes down, I see the edge of her thong. Rocking her hips and body, she lowers the pants and kicks them off. There she is, in thong and bra. Her skin shines in the light. I can’t hold on any longer and wrap my arms around her waist, pulling her to me. I pull her thong down and look at her smooth wet pussy.

She has nice little labia. I press my mouth full on her pussy, my hands on her buttocks. I taste her and ohhhh it makes me horny. My tongue strokes her lips and I taste the horniness as I lick between them. Mmmmm, her clit is nice and big and sooo horny to lick. And the moment I do, Jasmine moans loudly and runs her hands through my hair. Then I let my 2 fingers slide inside her… ohhhh, that feels so different from me. This is very hot to see her enjoying herself. My fingers are soaking wet from her pleasure. I stand up, lick my fingers off as I look at her and then I kiss her. Unexpected waves of pleasure pass through her.

I unhook her bra and look excitedly at her breasts. So wonderfully firm, her nipples deliciously hard. I run my hands over them, sooo horny to feel her hard nipples in my hands. My pussy responds immediately and the feeling of being filled increases. Jasmine also wants to feel my skin and stands naked and takes off my clothes. I help her get them off as quickly as possible. We face each other naked with our hands on each other’s shoulders. I go to her mouth and she answers my tongue kiss passionately. Our tongues are deliciously wet and our hands are on each other, exploring each other. I push her onto the bed, lying on her back.

“Ohhhh Jasmin” I say “I want to taste, smell and feel you..mmm” and step over her, backwards. I feel Jasmine’s arms around my waist and pull me down so my pussy is over her mouth, then suddenly the horny feeling of her tongue licking over my Venus mound. This combined with her soft hands on my skin makes my senses work overtime.mmmmm, ohhhh this is…this is…sooo horny…. Slowly she licks towards my pussy and for the first time I feel a woman’s tongue licking my lips…then her tongue slides between them. Ohhhh, I moan with pleasure and begin to lick her pussy. I spread her legs wide.

Her pussy merges with the delicious thighs, her beautiful soft skin feels so nice. Teasingly I insert my tongue into her, I feel her hips rise. My fingers slide inside her. Both moan with pleasure. Meanwhile, Jasmine has grabbed a large dildo that I don’t recognize. So it is a big surprise when I suddenly feel it against my pussy. I am soaking wet and Jasmine pushes it all the way in at once. “ohhhh, jaaaa…ohhhh The feeling that my pussy is completely filled is soooo nice…mmmm She pumps the dildo in and out of my wet pussy, which makes soaking sounds. I feel her rubbing my clit at the same time, which speeds up and intensifies my orgasm considerably. It swells and I scream when she says “fuck me harder, harder, yaa”.

Groaning loudly I come, and soon after that… Jasmine also moans and enjoys seeing me come. I turn around with the dildo still deep inside me. Jasmine sits up straighter and pulls the dildo out of me. Oehhhhh the thought of her tasting me now…. I see her red lips around the big dildo while she has it in her mouth. She moans and I pull the wet dildo out of her mouth and pull it between her pussy lips. Slowly I go all the way along it, mmmm the sight of her lips going around the glans of the dildo makes me and her horny. She puts her hand on mine and pushes the dildo inside her.

A loud moan and she closes her eyes, mouth half open..the dildo is all the way inside her. Mmmmm. I press my mouth on hers and fuck her now with the dildo. Then I feel her hand on my breasts and nipples..oehhh mmm …. It is separate to feel her wet pussy against my hand, so warm, so … delicious. Smothered Jasmine moans as she enjoys the dildo going in and out of her. I also want to feel her nipples, touch the curves of her horny body with my fingertips. I feel and hear Jasmine come until she grabs mine with her hand and pulls the big dildo out of her.. “Ohhhh Jennifer, come sit against me for a while. Mmmm yeah so…” Together we enjoy our first togetherness and my first female experience. That I don’t deserve anything? This experience is priceless….